238 – Rise. Grind. Repeat

I met Roger Gindlesperger Jr. Through James Van Prooyen’s Veterans Virtual Cocktail Hour. Through this time, James has connected Veterans in Business to each other and I have been honored to have them on my show.

Roger talked about toothpaste. Specifically, a charcoal based toothpaste that wouldn’t harm people’s teeth. I was intrigued because oral health is important to me.

We talked about coming on Oscar Mike Radio and Roger asked about bring NFL Veteran Marques Ogden on to talk about Grind from a strategic standpoint. Marques has known Roger for a while and recently came on as Co-Owner of Grind Oral Care.

Rise. Grind. Repeat. it is more than a marketing tag-line for Roger and Marques. This mantra is a belief that anything worthwhile comes through disciplined focus.

I want to say thanks to Roger and Marques for coming on and talking about more than just toothpaste. The lessons learned in creating “G7” can be applied to other areas in life regardless if one a NFL or Military Veteran.

Find out more by going to https://grindoralcare.com/

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