398 – Jeremiah Williams – Warriors First Inc

This week I talked with Jeremiah Williams, a dedicated Army National Guard veteran and representative of Warriors First Incorporated.

Jeremiah’s military aspirations were ignited at Liberty University, under the mentorship of a command Sergeant Major, leading him to join the National Guard. However, his journey was not without its hurdles. A severe training injury threatened his physical well-being, nearly costing him his foot. Despite this, Jeremiah’s resilience was unshakeable, and he persevered, facing the aftermath of his injury with courage.

Post-military life brought significant challenges for Jeremiah. After losing his job due to his injury and finding scant support from military organizations, he spiraled into a dark period marked by depression and alcoholism. It was a pivotal intervention by a college friend that rerouted his path towards recovery and purpose, sparking a passion to support others facing similar trials.

Jeremiah shared several impactful stories, including one about a sergeant who tragically took his own life, deeply affecting him. He also discussed his hands-on approach to helping a financially struggling soldier, which underscores the importance of addressing both mental health and financial stability within the military community.

As our conversation wrapped up, Jeremiah expressed his gratitude for the platform to discuss his organization’s mission and the critical need for more support and volunteers to help Warriors First Incorporated expand and continue its crucial work. Their efforts in assisting soldiers as they transition from active duty are vital for the well-being of our military community.

Thank you, Jeremiah, for talking with me.

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