Tales of Nihilism at Plastic City Comic Con

Tales of Nihilism at Plastic City Comic Con

I talked with U.S. Army Veteran Stephen Russell on Oscar Mike Radio #336 (https://oscarmikeradio.com/336-stephen-russell-tales-of…/).

Stephen talked about his love of drawing and how working with Joseph Miles Pittman helped create Tales of Nihilism.

When Stephen told me he and Joseph were going to be at the Plastic City Comic Con in Fitchburg, MA on August 19th, I wanted to meet them. I was excited because it was going to be the first time you could get Tales of Nihilism in hard copy.

Watching Stephen and Joseph sign my copy and hand it to me was a great moment. I can’t wait to see what you all do next.

Stephen and Joseph are thankful for the support from the following:

  • Mike’s After Action Review
  • Yes, I am the Veteran Podcast
  • Wreaths Across America Radio
  • Catch Da Craze Podcast
  • Plastic City Comic Con
  • Global Comix

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Warrior Brotherhood MC Ride with the Till Valhalla Truck

Warrior Brotherhood MC Ride with the Till Valhalla Truck

I was with Abington VSO Adam Gunn at Black Hat Brew Works a couple of months ago when first saw the Till Valhalla Truck. The truck made an immediate impression on me. The truck had names on it and the license plate “PTSD 22”, meant that this was not a typical custom truck.

Meeting Bill Sheridan and listening to his story I learned the Till Valhalla Truck keeps Bill in his fight with PTSD.

Bill asked me to come to Manchester Harley Davidson (https://manchesterharley.com/) on Saturday, August 12th for the Warrior Brotherhood MC (https://www.wbmcnh.com/) Veterans Suicide Awareness Ride. This ride is in honor of U.S. Army SPC William R. Carter this year’s beneficiary is the Liberty House (https://libertyhousenh.org/) in Manchester.

Meeting William’s mother and watching her talk with Bill about how PTSD affects everyone was something I needed to see. I know there are all kinds of programs, studies, and data about PTSD. Maybe it is a truck and a Ford truck (because there are so many) that allow people to have a moment of introspection and healing. Each name represents a life lost to PTSD. Bill could put over 100 more on his truck right now. We all are working for the day when there are no more names. Thank you Bill for letting me be a part of this experience.

Thanks again to the Warrior Brotherhood MC, Manchester Harley Davidson, Bone Frog Warrior, and everyone else who supported this ride.

To learn more about the Till Valhalla Truck and how you can support Bill, go to his Facebook blog https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064151917935

Learn more about the Till Valhalla Truck

Till Valhalla Truck - Names
Till Valhalla Truck
Public Service Announcement for VA – Pact Act

Public Service Announcement for VA – Pact Act

Veterans must file a PACT Act claim or submit an intent to file by August 9, 2023, to have their benefits backdated to August 10, 2022, the day the legislation was enacted.

The PACT Act is a significant expansion of VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. This Act includes over 20 new presumptive conditions associated with burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures. It also adds new presumptive locations for exposure to Agent Orange and radiation.

Veterans can find answers to their questions and file a claim via www.va.gov/pactact

To review a claim or appeal status, and submit evidence for your claim or appeal, Veterans can use the VA: Health and Benefits App, available for download on Apple or Android devices at https://mobile.va.gov/app/va-health-and-benefits.

If a Veteran disagrees with the VA’s decision on a claim, or if a claim was decided in the past and is uncontested, the option to file a Supplemental Claim is available. Veterans can learn more about supplemental claims and how to file at https://www.va.gov/decision-reviews/supplemental-claim/ .

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World War II Veterans at Christ Church, Swansea, MA Veterans Breakfast

World War II Veterans at Christ Church, Swansea, MA Veterans Breakfast

David, a.k.a. “Big Dog” from the Veterans Brotherhood VMC asked me to come down to Christ Church in Swansea, MA for the Church’s monthly Veterans’ Breakfast on Saturday, August 5th, 2023.

Christ Church in Swansea, MA puts on a monthly breakfast for Veterans. I was impressed with the number of Veterans in attendance but also how the church ran the breakfast. The food was good and smiles were everywhere. I think Christ Church is onto something. Instead of big gala events, maybe some pancakes, bacon, and orange juice are more effective at getting Veterans together than anything else.

The Veterans Brotherhood VMC headed up by David, “Big Dog” had gathered up World War II Veterans that he takes care of to meet each other at the Veterans’ Breakfast.

Former Boston Globe and award-winning photojournalist Bill Brett was there and talked with the World War II Veterans and got some amazing photos for his upcoming book. He was warm and engaging me with me, and I enjoyed talking with him.

I always have fun talking with these real-life heroes. Both Manny and Caster have been on Oscar Mike Radio and seeing both of them makes it all worth it.

Thanks David, for getting these World War II Veterans together. I appreciate the work that Christ Church, all the members, and volunteers do to put on breakfast for us Veterans!

Learn more about those involved!

Thank you Christ Church, Swansea, MA

U.S.V.V.E Post #2 – Remembrance Ceremony

U.S.V.V.E Post #2 – Remembrance Ceremony

The United States Veterans Vietnam Era Post 2 held a ceremony on Sunday, April 24th to mark the end of the Vietnam War at the Town of Abington MA War Memorial.

Thanks to Paster Kristy Coburn for the prayer and Abington Veterans’ Services Officer Adam Gunn for the speech to commemorate this occasion.

Thank you Vickie Smith-Fitts for placing the flowers on the POW chair and thank you to Richard A. Fitts Jr for being part of the firing detail today.

Many thanks to Post 2 Commander John Beadle Jr. and the other Vietnam Veterans for their hard work to ensure their brothers and sisters are never forgotten. We appreciated the support from everyone in Abington, MA who came out to observe the ceremony.

We must never forget

Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

I was at the Abington, MA VFW Post on December 5th, when I saw this notice on the bulletin board about Save the Sketches, a Community Heritage Project being organized by the Dyer Memorial Library (http://dyerlibrary.org/). The project was to give voice to Civil War Veteran Sketches.

This looked very interesting so I sent an email and was contacted by Merlyn Liberty the Archives Librarian. We set up a time to come down and meet, and I have to tell you it was an amazing experience. Looking at history up close and personal is very different from watching a documentary or YouTube clip. At the end of the tour, I offered my voice to support the project and can’t wait to be involved.

This project is open to any Veteran who wants to participate. You can email (info@dyerlibrary.org) or call (781) 878-8480 to learn more or participate.

I want to thank Merlyn for her time today, and I am looking forward to seeing these memories come alive.

If you are a Veteran in the Abington, MA region, please consider supporting this project