Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

Episode 77 – Government Shutdown

The U.S. Government shut down over the last weekend. I wanted to learn and talk about what happens to the military when this happens. It is more than simply troops don’t paid. There are real consequences when the government is not paying troops. There is a great Military.com article that goes over the major areas that are impacted by a government shutdown. Military.com – How government shutdown would impact pay & benefits .

NOTE: The following is the article from Military.com, and are not my words. I used this because it summarizes the scope of the issue concisely.

                                                           Troop Pay

Although active duty troops and Guard and Reservists on active duty orders are expected to show-up for work during a shutdown, they will not get paid unless Congress passes a separate piece of legislation to do so. Such a bill was awaiting action from the House and Senate Saturday.

Without that legislation, known as the Pay Our Military Act, troops will receive partial paychecks Feb. 1 only for days worked prior to Jan. 20.

Troops Killed in Action

Newly bereaved family members would not receive the Pentagon’s $100,000 death gratuity during a shutdown or military-funded travel to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, or elsewhere for the dignified transfer or military funeral or memorial.

VA Disability Pay & GI BIll Benefits 

However, during the last shutdown in 2013, VA officials warned that if the closure extended beyond several weeks, disability checks were unlikely to go out to more than 5.1 million veterans.

Military Moves and Travel

Military families about to make a permanent change of station (PCS) move or troops preparing for temporary travel (TDY) have their travel on hold until after the shutdown, according to guidance issued by the Defense Department late Jan. 19.

Those who have already departed on military move orders can complete their move, according to the guidance. Those in the midst of TDY travel should return to their duty station, the guidance states

Medical Care on Base

While military hospitals and on base dental clinics will stay open for emergencies, inpatient care and acute care, all other types of care — including elective procedures and primary-care appointments — will be canceled until the shutdown is lifted.

On-Base Child Care

On-base military child care centers will stay open on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether they are seen as “essential.” Users should contact their specific Child Development Center (CDC) for details.

On-Base Schools

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools will stay open during a shutdown. However, all extracurricular activities, such as sporting events, will be canceled, the guidance says. On-base schools that are operated by local school districts are not be affected by a shutdown.


Stateside commissaries, however, will close by Tuesday night, officials said, while those outside the U.S. and in some rural locations will remain open since they are considered “essential.” Those include two stores in Guam, a store in Puerto Rico, and commissaries at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport and Fort Irwin in California; Coast Guard Station Kodiak and Fort Greely in Alaska; and Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.

I think our congressmen forget that games they play involve real Americans, not pawns a chessboard……

Episode 71 – Pearl Harbor Conspiracy? Part 0

Episode 71 – Pearl Harbor Conspiracy? Part 0

Question of the Week

I was asked about Netflix’s Punisher. Was it good and accurate to the military? Well I didn’t really like it, I thought it dragged on and was a little too emo.

I also didn’t really like how certain aspects of military service seemed to be slammed. It was like the producers looked up almost every negative stereotype of the military and went with it.

Also they really veered from the source material to make this happen which made it seem like there was a point they were trying to make that wasn’t exactly flattering to the Marine Corps or the United States as a whole. I liked the Ray Stevenson Punisher movie the best.

The Word

I wanted to do something different this year for Pearl Harbor. I have the utmost respect for those who died on December 7th. 76 years later, the effect of Pearl Harbor can still be felt in our nation’s fabric and how we approach warfare. As I started looking at Pearl Harbor I realized that there was a part of the story that is rarely discussed.

There is this theory that Pearl Harbor was setup to force the United States to join the war. After an attack like we suffered on this day 76 years ago, people wanted answers. How was the United States caught so totally unprepared?

I realized I could not give this story all the attention in this episode. I will do a 3 to 4 part series starting in January. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Peal Harbor until I started researching it from this angle.

USS Arizona

So I hope you will join me for this story arc. If you have anything to add, email me – travis@oscarmikeradio.com . It is my desire that we never forget what was lost on that day.

Upcoming Events

There is still time to help out for Operation Wreaths for Veterans! Check out their Facebook Page. Just Checking In is getting started this Friday.


Episode 54 – Burnouts 4 Vets

Episode 54 – Burnouts 4 Vets

Albie’s Car that he will be driving this Saturday!

I got a message on Facebook from a listener about an event Saturday July 29th at 10 AM. He wanted to talk with me about the 4th annual Burnouts 4 Vets that raises money for the Brockton VFW Post 1046.

Tiny asked me to come down to the VFW and talk to them about Burnouts 4 Veterans.

This was started 4 years ago by Albie Robbins and his friend Victor Cimino as a way to legally have fun doing burnouts in parking lots while raising money for a good cause.

Entering into the fourth year, this rare treat is economical, family friendly, local and with free parking all in one place.

I talked with the Post Commander, Jim Doherty who outlined what the Brockton VFW did to support military and veterans in the greater Brockton area. Tiny told me that he felt like family being a part of the VFW and loved helping Veterans and people in Brockton. As for Albie and Victor, these guys could do their own TV show. It was a laugh a minute. I had a great time with these guys and they asked me to come back.

I enjoyed getting to talk to these guys and I hope to see you all there this Saturday.

The event will be held at the Brockton VFW – 283 N Quincy St, Brockton, MA 02302

Start time 10:00 AM – Until the last tire is melted rubber. Find out more at the  – Burnouts4Veterans Facebook Page

Two cars battling it out!

Burnouts 4 Veterans and Brockton VFW Post 1046 would like to thank the following sponsors for their support

  • Modern Auto Body – Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Tire – Brockton, MA
  • Lynch’s Towing – Brockton, MA
  • Spiegal Scrap Metal – Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Auto Parts – Brockton, MA
  • Dave Mobile Home MFG – Holbrook, MA
  • Spee Dee Oil Change – Abington, MA
  • FTF Cycles – Randolph, MA
  • Absolute Auto Sales – Brockton, MA



Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

This episode is the happy conclusion to Episode 34 – Honor Flight for a Father. Marlene was able to get her father on a Honor Flight a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to talk with us about it.

I liked how Marlene was able to get the time to be with her Father and how she got a new view into his service and what he did.

Honor Flight really made this a top – notch experience for everyone. Marlene and her father felt like VIPs and experienced no issues on their flight or getting around in Washington D.C. Arlington Cemetery was sobering experience and she came away with a greater appreciation for her father’s service.

I enjoyed getting to talk with Marlene again. She worked hard to make this happen for her father. Marlene would highly recommend anyone who qualifies to do Honor Flight. Click on the link below to find out more.

Honor Flight Network Website


Honor Flight Crew


Episode 52: Wild Hearts – Horses for Heros

Episode 52: Wild Hearts – Horses for Heros

Tribute to Marines and Sailor killed in KC-130 Crash

I started this week’s episode with a tribute to the Marines and Sailor that were killed Monday, July 10th in Mississippi. This is still being investigated; however, I wanted to take this time and offer thoughts and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones in this horrific crash.

The Word

I found out about Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes earlier this year when I was guest hosting at WVBF AM 1530 for South Shore New and Views. Julie Crossman-Lovely started this Equestrian Therapy Program a couple of years ago and invited me to come out to see the program working.
I was taken with how the horse paid attention to everything the Veterans was doing. A shoulder dropping, or an arm moved the wrong way could mean the horse would not move as intended.
Julie was authoritative but calm. I could see both Veterans respond well when she was giving instruction.
Afterwards, we all sat together and talked and it was great hearing how much the horses helped these Veterans keep living again.
Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes is completely funded by donations. You can check out their website —-> Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes Website to find out more. You can purchase tickets for a $2000.00 travel voucher from Susan Peavey Travel. Travel Raffle Courtesy of Susan Peavy Travel.
I am looking forward to visiting again and talking other Veterans about their journey. Thanks Julie

This is a team effort


The Compliant Department

POG and GRUNT want the B1 unleashed in North Korea…. Now

What’s next?

I am still focusing on people who advocate for Veterans. I also like doing podcasts where Veterans are using what they have to open a business, non-profit, or just using what they have to make someone’s life better. Thanks for listening, I can’t wait for this time next year.