275 – Paul Freeman – The Legendary Hunters of Texas

275 – Paul Freeman – The Legendary Hunters of Texas

Paul Freeman is a Navy Veteran who worked in VFA-201 Hunters Reserve Navy Squadron as a maintenance chief.

I got to meet Paul through TSP-The Scuttlebutt Podcast. Paul served with Richard Fleek and I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this storied Naval Aviation Squadron.

I started off by reading the book that Paul wrote that chronicles the history of VF-201/VFA-201 from 1976 with the F-8s to being decommissioned in 2007. Paul talked about his experiences with the book and how he came to support the Gary Sinise Foundation with the proceeds from The Legendary Hunters of Texas. You can find it by using this link to Amazon: https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B071WBNMN7&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_TS75DD0SMZ07793MTEQX

In a way, VFA-201 is like other military units that are decommissioned. They are gone and sometimes can be forgotten. Paul wrote this book so that wouldn’t happen. Thank again to every Hunter who was Legendary!

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178 – Ashley Bugge – Kickin the Bucket List

178 – Ashley Bugge – Kickin the Bucket List

Ashley is a returning guest who was on Oscar Mike Radio for #153 (https://oscarmikeradio.com/2019/…). Ashley’s husband, Brian who served in the Navy, passed away in a dive accident. Instead of letting this defeat her, she has used this experience to live with no regrets.

She came back to talk about her experiences since we last talked and I left the conversation with the knowledge that if we choose to we can take whatever life throws at us and work towards turning it into a positive outcome.

Go to https://www.ashleybugge.com/ to find out more about the Bugge’s story. You will want to see what Ashley is doing, she has a book coming out soon.

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Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack and Mark Holmes for supporting Veterans!

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158 – Nashville Silkies Hike with Andrew Farrer

158 – Nashville Silkies Hike with Andrew Farrer

Credit – Irreverent Warriors – Nashville – Used by Permission from Andrew Farrer

Andrew Farrer reached out to me on Instagram about coming on Oscar Mike Radio. Come to find out he had met Scott Libby who has been on Oscar Mike Radio and asked if I would talk with him about the Nashville, TN Silkies Hike.

Irreverent Warriors was founded by Captain Donny O’Malley USMC Ret., and Sergeant Ryan Loya in 2015. They believed that humor could heal a person. https://www.irreverentwarriors.com/about/ Read the story about how this organization is using comradeire to prevent Veterans’ suicide.

Andrew went on a couple of hikes and wanted to do one in Nashville. He has been working since January to coordinate the hike in Nashville. Right now he has 150+ hikers signed up. He is working to make the hike a great experience and is already looking for ward to doing on in 2020.

The first part of this podcast, Andrew was candid about his situation and how he got to certain places in his life. In a way, this hike is a way to leave the past behind and turn over a new life.

Listening to Andrew talk, I can tell you that this is the reason to Oscar Mike Radio. Andrew had bad things happen to him and made bad choices, but he is looking stay sober and show other people that you can change your life at anytime if you put in the work. It is a great story, and I can’t wait to meet Andrew one day. He is Oscar Mike.

Nashville Silkies Hike Information

Date and Time

Sat, August 10, 2019 – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT


301 6th Avenue North – Nashville, TN 37243

Nashville Silkies Hike Event Website


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153 – Ashley Bugge – No Bucket Lists

153 – Ashley Bugge – No Bucket Lists

I got an email from Moni Jefferson (https://www.monijeffersonpr.com/) about Ashley Bugge. Moni does PR work and has a whole part of her business focused on the military. As I read the email, I realized I had heard the name before. Last year her husband, Brian Bugge, died in a scuba diving accident. Moni asked me to reach out and see if Ashley would come on Oscar Mike Radio.

The Bugge family.

Ashley and I connected, and set a time to record. I asked her about her husband and what his Navy career meant to her. It was clear they were in love and having a family was important to them.

She went to describe the accident, and how in just a little over a year life completely changed. However, I didn’t hear any complaining or regrets when Ashley was talking about what happened. Instead she talked about the idea of “No Bucket Lists”.

No Bucket Lists, means living life to the fullest every day. Ashley and Brian believed the life is a gift to be treasured. They wanted their children to be a part of what they were doing so no one was left out or behind. Living life this way didn’t allow for regrets. I believe that came across clearly when talking with Ashley. Yes, a terrible accident struck the Bugge family, but Ashley believes that finding a way to move forward would be what Brian would want. As terrible as this was, her message of resilience and perseverance can speak to all of us.

Find out More

Go to https://www.ashleybugge.com/ to find out more about the Bugge’s story. Ashley is writing a book about her family’s story. I want to say thanks again to Moni Jefferson for making the connection. I am looking forward to talking with Ashley again.

Brian Buggee with a rebreather
This podcast is dedicated to the memory and service of Navy Ensign Brian Bugge

Thanks to my sponsor Joyce Asack for supporting Veterans!

My sponsor Joyce Asack of Asack Realty.

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125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

I am always looking to learn how to live better. Most interesting are ways to introduce natural products into my daily life. Becky Tough served in the Army as a Medic. She told me what her favorite thing do in the Army was, and I got real nervous. Good thing she switched to wellness and healthy living, whew!

Becky has studied, researched and now uses essential oils as part of her journey toward complete wellness. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and more and more people use these oils in their daily lives.

Like others I have had on Oscar Mike Radio, Becky had to re-invent herself after separating from active duty service. As time and life went on she discovered that wellness for herself and family was a calling for her.

She started working with Young Living Products. You can find out more by going to her Facebook Page – Becky and Jim’s Young Living Essential Oils – These are high quality oils with all natural ingredients. Becky sent me a goody bag of samples and I am going to give this a go. If I can feel better with some of this stuff, why not?

The second mission focus for Becky is what she calls, “Toxin-Free Living“. This is where she can tell you how to reduce or altogether eliminate cleaning products that have harsh chemicals in the ingredients. I had an eye brow raised, I am not going to kid around with this. I still remember Gunny’s saying about Simple Green. “If it doesn’t smell green, then it is not clean Marine!” Those words will echo every time I clean my house. These products are all natural and it makes sense to try and switch.

As we talked, it became clear that this was not all about the money for Becky. She really wants you to consider using these products so you can have a better, healthier life. Again go to Becky’s Facebook Page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/Toughwellness . I love it when Veterans make something different out of themselves, that still allows them to serve, but also enrich their own life. Keep being Tough Becky!

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