On “Oscar Mike Radio,” we not only talk about challenges but also solutions and hope. I extend my gratitude and welcome two incredible guests, Dana Spain, and Jessica Baker, to discuss the pressing issue of veterans’ homelessness and the power of advocacy.

Dana shares her inspiring journey of serving those who served. Her passion led to the founding of the Veterans Village; a concept born out of the desire to provide a supportive community for veterans. She explains the motivation behind this initiative and the impact it has on the lives of our nation’s heroes.

Jessica, a veteran of the US Navy, continues to serve her country, but now in a different capacity. Her story is a testament to the resilience and dedication of our veterans, and her work in advocacy is making a tangible difference in the lives of her fellow servicemen and women.

In this episode, we’ve covered a lot of ground regarding providing homes for Veterans in need, but the central theme remains: support, connection, and advocacy can transform lives. Whether it’s for individuals with special needs, those struggling with suicidal thoughts, or veterans facing homelessness, our community’s strength lies in our ability to come together and lift each other.

You can go to https://veteransvillages.org/ to learn more about the mission and support what Veteran Villages is doing to end Veterans’ homelessness. Dana and Jessica, I appreciate the time you both spent with me. Your perspective and candor about the mission of Veterans Villages allowed me to see a different aspect of Veterans’ Advocacy.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and let’s continue to make a difference, one conversation at a time.

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