Oscar Mike Radio – On Assignment – WWII Veterans

David, Kelly, and Rick from the Veterans Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, asked me to come with them to southern Massachusetts to meet not one, but two World War II Veterans.

Bill is 99, going on 100, and George is not too far behind. The interesting thing is that both served under General Patton during WWII before they were deployed elsewhere. George was a combat engineer and Bill was in artillery. They talked about different aspects of serving during that time and what General Patton was like.

Listening to them talk about coming home, I realized they faced challenges all Veterans face. Both talked about how great the Veterans Administration has been with them. We talked a little football. The New England Patriots will honor George next month, and they had some commentary on how the Patriots could improve their standing!

It is one thing to read the books, watch the movies, and play the video games. It is another matter to listen to these stories from the people who lived them. We can’t ever let these stories be forgotten.

Thank you to David, Kelly, and Rick for asking to go meet these real American Heroes. If you love motorcycles and Veterans check out The Veterans Brotherhood Motorcycle Club – https://vbvmcma.com/

Watch these WWII Veterans on YouTube

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