Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

I was at the Abington, MA VFW Post on December 5th, when I saw this notice on the bulletin board about Save the Sketches, a Community Heritage Project being organized by the Dyer Memorial Library ( The project was to give voice to Civil War Veteran Sketches.

This looked very interesting so I sent an email and was contacted by Merlyn Liberty the Archives Librarian. We set up a time to come down and meet, and I have to tell you it was an amazing experience. Looking at history up close and personal is very different from watching a documentary or YouTube clip. At the end of the tour, I offered my voice to support the project and can’t wait to be involved.

This project is open to any Veteran who wants to participate. You can email ( or call (781) 878-8480 to learn more or participate.

I want to thank Merlyn for her time today, and I am looking forward to seeing these memories come alive.

If you are a Veteran in the Abington, MA region, please consider supporting this project
2021 SOVA – Spooktacular Poker Run

2021 SOVA – Spooktacular Poker Run

Saturday, October 23rd, I went to 2021 Support our Veterans Association Spooktacular Poker Run after party held at The Downtown in Norton, MA.

I didn’t realize how much I missed doing these kinds of things. I haven’t really been able to do anything the last four months and when I have tried it has not gone well.

If you go to their Facebook Page,, you will see that SOVA’s mission is to help Veterans and Active Service Members with housing assistance. You would be surprised how many Active Duty Service Members have trouble with housing.

The 2021 Spooktacular Poker Run raised money to support the mission. I had a great time, and it was cool to see other groups come to support what SOVA is doing. Enjoy the pictures and next year I hope to be able to ride!

HEY! – Ride shirt (See below) is still available – Text 508-840-5370 to get yours!

9/11/01 – 20 Years Later

9/11/01 – 20 Years Later

I was on at 101 Arch St in Boston doing work when all of the sudden my colleagues and I  got word that something terrible had happened in New York City.  We were all watching the TV and our computer screens when the second plane hit the Tower.

Our thoughts were for our friends, family, and colleagues on Wall Street,  Were they Ok? What was going on? How could this happen? When it finally unfolded that we, the  United States had been attacked, the sense of disbelief was palpable.

Everything changed.

20 years later, I am seeing things I would never have thought possible as an American. We seem divided. There are Americans trapped in Afghanistan and our leadership does not seem to care. Veterans still experience challenges that other groups do not face. It is getting more and more difficult to see a path to the American Dream. I see hope and am encouraged by people who still believe that America is the best place to be on this planet. I believe and continue to be proud to be an American.

Today 09/11 should remind all of us that we are Americans. We are different, we have our problems, we fight and squabble with each other, but at the end of the day, America and what it represents is still seen as a beacon to many.

I am able to sit here today, drink my coffee, listen to my favorite podcast while writing this because of those willing to serve our country to protect our freedoms and those who work every day to make America a great place. While you are going about your life today, please remember so that we never forget.

21 Years a Folded Flag Livestream – May 29th – 5 PM

21 Years a Folded Flag Livestream – May 29th – 5 PM

This is the information post about the Livestream I am doing with Danielle Rocco of Devoted to a Soldier for Gold Star son Richard Fitts Jr.

SSGT. Richard Fitts Sr. lost his life during a mission in Laos in 1968. It took 21 years for Richard Fitts Jr. and his family to receive closure. This is hard to believe in this day and age, but seeing how this affected Richard Fitts Jr. and his family brings you back to a very different time in our country.

21 Years a Folded Flag is a son’s desire to tell the story of his father’s legacy, and by extension ensure that those who served during the Vietnam War are not forgotten. It is our desire that any Vietnam Veteran who is watching this will come away with a feeling that we honor your service and we appreciate the sacrifices you and those who served with you made for our country.

Oscar Mike Radio YouTube Link – You can go to this link directly for the Livestream Saturday May 29th. Note: This link goes LIVE Saturday, May 29th 5 PM EST Promptly

Other Links to Livestream

You can go to any of these links on Saturday, May 29th, 5 PM EST to see the Livestream

Thank you to those who have supported this Livestream

  • Carole Williams – Keeps SSGT Richard Fitts Sr.’s memory alive everyday
  • Sue Crosby – Devoted to the search for POW/MIAs
  • Liz Borden – National recording artist, SSGT Richard Fitts Sr Bracelet wearer & family friend
  • Tiffany Rice – Spirit medium & family friend
  • Ed McGee – Audio engineer and personal friend
  • Colonel Dick Thompson – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Gail Huff – Broadcast Journalist
  • Former Senator Scott Brown and currently ambassador for New Zealand
  • Gary Hoey – National recording artist and friend to Richard Fitts Jr.
  • Ken Bowra – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Tia Mayhem and Tanya Venom- Stormstress – Boston based power trio band
  • Sue Austin – Abington, MA hometown family supporter
  • Crossroads Music – Hanover, MA – Bob, Jim & Paul
  • Tom Tolman – Musician, friend and soundtrack contributor
  • Hirsch Gardner – National recording artist, member of New England
  • USSV Post 2 SSGT Richard A Fitts Chapter
  • Rob Graham –  Creative Director (and Founder) at Savage Game Group 
  • Lenny Clarke – Comedian/Actor
  • Mistress Carrie – Radio personality and host of the Mistress Carrie Podcast
  • James Shorten – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • John Stryker “Tilt” Meyer – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Danielle Rocco – Devoted to a Soldier
  • Shaun Alden Schubert – Red Seal Marital Arts – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Mark Holmes – Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Yasmine Zachary – Catering – Yaz’s Table
  • Joyce Asack – Asack Real Estate – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Stacy and John Currie – Semper Savage
  • Anthony Arnold – Whoobazoo
  • Keith Hayes – Whoobazoo
  • Everyone who keeps the memory of those who served in the Vietnam War alive. They will never be forgotten.

Veterans Get Guitars Experience – 08/30/20

Veterans Get Guitars Experience – 08/30/20

This is a follow up to the post about Veterans Garden Inc. event with Rolling Thunder MA Chapter 2. The Afternoon Cookout featured Sean T Hannan of Veterans Get Guitars (

Sean started his outreach in 2016 where he would give out guitars to Veterans after taking 60 – 90 minutes to show us the basics. I had come to the cookout and I was encouraged to give it a try. I had never really taken to the guitar. My background was piano and when I tried playing bass or guitar, I would get frustrated and put the bass away and wouldn’t even think about trying the guitar

So it was cool to be sitting there with other Veterans just learning the basics with someone who wanted to share their love of music with us. I was hooked, and the other Veterans had a great time as well.

I talked with Sean later and said that I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope to really do something with this. Music is a gift and has so many benefits to everyone. Thanks Sean, I am looking forward to learning more.

Afternoon Cookout at Veterans Garden – 08/30/20

Afternoon Cookout at Veterans Garden – 08/30/20

The President of Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 got a hold of me and said I should check out the Cookout at The Veterans Garden Sunday, August 30th. I went down to Bridgewater, MA and was impressed by the work done.

Veterans grow vegetables for themselves and for a food back in southern Massachusetts. The place is beautiful and seeing all the support out for the cookout underscored how important this was to so many people. Great job today everyone!