World War II Veterans at Christ Church, Swansea, MA Veterans Breakfast

World War II Veterans at Christ Church, Swansea, MA Veterans Breakfast

David, a.k.a. “Big Dog” from the Veterans Brotherhood VMC asked me to come down to Christ Church in Swansea, MA for the Church’s monthly Veterans’ Breakfast on Saturday, August 5th, 2023.

Christ Church in Swansea, MA puts on a monthly breakfast for Veterans. I was impressed with the number of Veterans in attendance but also how the church ran the breakfast. The food was good and smiles were everywhere. I think Christ Church is onto something. Instead of big gala events, maybe some pancakes, bacon, and orange juice are more effective at getting Veterans together than anything else.

The Veterans Brotherhood VMC headed up by David, “Big Dog” had gathered up World War II Veterans that he takes care of to meet each other at the Veterans’ Breakfast.

Former Boston Globe and award-winning photojournalist Bill Brett was there and talked with the World War II Veterans and got some amazing photos for his upcoming book. He was warm and engaging me with me, and I enjoyed talking with him.

I always have fun talking with these real-life heroes. Both Manny and Caster have been on Oscar Mike Radio and seeing both of them makes it all worth it.

Thanks David, for getting these World War II Veterans together. I appreciate the work that Christ Church, all the members, and volunteers do to put on breakfast for us Veterans!

Learn more about those involved!

Thank you Christ Church, Swansea, MA

305 – Caster Salemi – World War II Army Veteran

305 – Caster Salemi – World War II Army Veteran

I got a Facebook Message a couple of months ago from David Danforth who is a member of the Veterans Brotherhood M/C about talking with a World War II Veteran Caster Salemi. Caster served in the Army with an artillery battery and after boot camp was sent to the Philippines.

Caster brought me to different places in his life as if it were yesterday. For the first time, I heard about Pearl Harbor and the atomic bombing from someone who lived through that period of history.

Getting to talk with Caster was an honor. I couldn’t help it, I felt like a little kid talking to a larger-than-life character. Caster is engaging, and funny and was able to bring me back 50 years to a different time. I want to thank David for introducing me and Mistress Carrie for the great question. I am looking forward to having coffee with Caster soon. That is if I can get him to slow down enough for me to catch up with him. At 100 he is still working to serve Veterans locally and as an active member of the American Legion, Disabled American Veteran, VFW, and Friends of North Attleboro Veterans. Thank you, Caster.

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