Episode 73 – Happy New Year

Episode 73 – Happy New Year

Question of the Week

Happy New Year! I asked if everyone had a great Christmas. Hopefully everyone was able to safely travel and enjoy themselves. I had a great holiday season and hope yours was happy and will carry into 2018.

The Word


Marine Veteran and Raynham, MA Veteran Service Officer – Micaila Britto

I get the opportunity to guest host on Jack White’s, “South Shore News and Views” on WVBF AM 1530 in Taunton, MA from time to time. I get to come on with Jack, Bob and Murray to talk about events, happenings and issues in the South Shore Region of Massachusetts. South Shore News airs 12 – 2 PM each Wednesday. I had done the show with Bob because Jack and Murray were on assignment that week.


After the show I see Micaila Britto who has a show on WVBF AM 1530 called, “Ask a Veteran’s Agent”. Micaila is a Veteran’s Service Officer for the Town of Raynham. According to the Massachusetts Veteran’s Service Officers Website is, ….”to be the chief advocate for the nearly half-million veterans of the Commonwealth and their families. DVS establishes policy, proposes legislation, ensures that adequate funding for veterans’ programs is included in the Governor’s budget, and represents the interests of veterans in matters coming before the General Court.” She asked me to stay in the studio and talk with her.


All Veterans Service Officers must have served in the military. Micaila started working in Raynham 7 months ago and I was interested in talking with her about her experience and what she doing. Micaila and I also are members of the same Marine Corps League (http://www.mclmetrosouth1115.com/) so it was like talking with a friend than a radio guest. I learned a lot about what VSOs do and was encouraged, I use that term generously, to get my butt in gear and update my VA profile.

I am proud of the work Micaila is doing and hope to talk with her again in the future. Her motivation for her outreach and efforts come from a place of personal experience.


You can find out more about Raynham’s Veteran Services by clicking on the link

Episode 68 – South Shore News & Views

Episode 68 – South Shore News & Views

Jack (L) and Brian (R) talking about Veterans

November 8th, I was invited to come on the radio show South Shore News and Views on WVBF AM 1530 in Taunton, MA. SSN&V is hosted by Jack White, Bob Wisgirda, and Murray Vetstein. They had me on last year to do Oscar Mike Radio “Live” and it was an honor to be invited to come back on the show.

Joining me this was U.S. Navy Veteran Brian Hoffman. Brian served during the Vietnam war and had lived the post Vietnam experience. Currently is the Director for Corporate Relations for the The Children’s Museum in Easton (The Childrens Museum in Easton). It is always a pleasure to get to talk with another Veteran. Murray served in the U.S. Navy as well so this Marine felt right at home.

I learn a lot listening to older Veterans. Especially Vietnam Veterans who had a much different homecoming experience than Veterans do now. I feel it is important to get that perspective. Brian and Murray shared their views on the draft which were like mine.

Teamsters Local 653

Brian Hoffman had Brian McElhinney, Principal Office for Teamsters Local 653, (Teamsters Local 653 Website) call into to the show. We talked about how the Teamsters support Veterans hiring and other community outreach projects. So many times Unions seem to get nothing but negative press, so it was good to hear that a Veteran in Massachusetts could go to the Union after the military to look for work.

Brian Hoffman also thanked Brian McElhinney for the Teamsters support of Toys for Troops and the Children’s Museum in Easton. In both cases Teamsters Local 653 went above and beyond to help out with both efforts. It was good getting to learn about this.





Tim and Legend, Client Eastwood

In the second hour, Tim Montjoy from Operation Teammate called in to talk to us. Operation Teammate provides outings for children of military and first responders who are deployed. This allows Operation Teammate to craft events that provide mentorship opportunities to the children that attend these outings. Tim also talked about how the athletes are moved by the opportunity to show these children what hard work and dedication to education and sport can do for their future. To find out more, got to http://www.operationteammate.org/

This was my second year doing this with WVBF AM 1530 – South Shore New and Views. I love radio, and getting to be on with Jack, Bob, and Murray is a treat. South Shore News is one of many programs on WVBF AM 1530. You can get the complete list of shows and more information on http://www.hometowntalkradio.com/   

See you all next year!




The oldest & second oldest interns in the world!

South Shore News and Views – Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes

South Shore News and Views – Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes

I had the privilege of being able to guest host last Wednesday on South Shore News and Views. The program airs on WVBF AM 1530. SSN&Vs is hosted by Jack White, Murray Vetstein and Bob Wisgirda.  You could say this program is where I got my real start in radio. I got to see how a program is set up start to finish, and learn some of the important tasks that go into making a radio show work.

Jack White, Julie Lovely, and Murray Vetstein – April 19th 2017

South Shore News and Views airs every Wednesday from 1-3 PM. You can also listen to this program on the Tune-In App on your phone or listen on your computer by going to http://www.hometowntalkradio.com/ and clicking dog to listen live. If you want to find out what is going on around the South Shore, this is the place to be. They love it when people call in to the show. The number is (508) 822-1106.

Wednesday, April 19th Julie Lovely came on the show and talked about the program she runs to help combat veteran suicide.

I was interested to hear about her work and how Horses for Heroes helped veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. It is heart wrenching going to funerals for brothers and sisters who feel that there is no other option.

Julie talked about the program, how it got started, and how horses are well suited to help veterans. I was drawn into how she started with an idea to help someone and now it is something that changing lives. Julie wasn’t there to pat herself on the back, but to tell us how a horse can help someone who is suffering on the inside. I was hooked. WVBF and South Shore News and Views cares about our military and veterans, and I was glad to be a part of this show. Julie closed out the show by talking about the upcoming benefit dinner on May 20th. I will have the link below.  Please check out the website and social media links below.

Wild Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Program – Links


Wild Hearts Therapeutic Horses Website

Benefit Dinner Website

2017 Benefit Dinner Ticket Website


Wild HeartsTherapeutic Equestrian Program – Facebook Page


Wild Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Program – Twitter Page

South Shore News and Views Web Links

WVBF AM 1530 Website

South Shore News and Views Facebook Page

OMR Episode 17: South Shore News and Views – WVBF AM 1530

OMR Episode 17: South Shore News and Views – WVBF AM 1530

South Shore News and Views is broadcast from WVBF AM 1530 Home Town Talk Radio in Taunton, MA. It is a show that talks about people and what they do in what is called the “South Shore” of Massachusetts.

I met up with the hosts in June of the this year and they asked me to come on show and guest host. I had a lot of fun and they have had me come back to host several times.

Last month I was a guest talking about motorcycling in New England and I was asked to come back talk about Veterans Advocacy.

Yours truly with Bob and Jack

Yours truly with Bob and Jack from October 2016.

So I asked if we could do Oscar Mike Radio “Live” and they said sure come on down. I had a blast. Bob and Murray kind of let me do my thing, and asked great questions. Many people listened and I am glad the word went out. Here is how the show went.
Question of the Week
I asked Bob the question about marijuana becoming legalized in more states across the U.S.,  and what affect that may have on young people looking to join the military. I liked how Bob described the affect of drugs on the brain. He also reminded me that even though it is legal in some states, it is illegal on a federal level.
The Word
I talked about Veterans Advocacy and the need to communicate with all generations about the military. Oscar Mike Radio is a way to try and do that across many different demographics.
POG and GRUNT Complaint Department
They were upset about how boot camp recruits can now qualify with an ACOG Scope instead of iron sights. A scope? A scope is used to learn how to shoot a rifle in boot camp instead of the way it has been done for 200+ years. They were not happy, but they are happy!!!!
Unit Shout Out

English and Scottish Soccer Team wearing Poppy Armbands


I wanted to shout out to English and Scottish Football teams choosing to wear the poppy armband in honor of Remembrance Day in defiance of FIFA rules. Remebrance Day is similar to Veterans Day here. Why am I shouting out to them? In an day and age where some people think it is cool to protest the national anthem. These countries chose to honor those who came before them.

Upcoming Events

Plug Sweats4Vets – Talk about Episode 18 and Mark Vital. Brockton MA Veterans Day Parade. I will be riding with the 1st Lt Brian McPhillips Metro South Detachment 1115