Episode 70 – Homeless Marine Hero

Episode 70 – Homeless Marine Hero

Question of the Week


What did I think of the North Korea Defector? Lots of questions have been asked about the North Korean Defector who made his way to South Korea. After reading about his condition when they examined the soldier, I believe that winning a military conflict would not be a problem. However, the soldier’s condition would lead me believe that any kind of military strike would result in a humanitarian crises that would be historic. It is possible that given time, the North Korean government will collapse on itself


The Word

Johnny Bobbit Jr. working as a flight paramedic before he was homeless.

Just wanted give a big shout out to Marine Veteran Johnny Bobbit Jr. He is not related to John W. Bobbit of more infamous notoriety.

It was cool to see this story take shape around Thanksgiving. Kate McClure ran out of gas, and Johnny Bobbit Jr. used his last $20.00 to fuel up her car.

What happened next was nothing sort of amazing. Kate McClure was so moved by this gesture that she started a Go Fund Me Page for Johnny (https://www.gofundme.com/hvv4r-paying-it-forward). All she wanted to do is give him a hand up to get restarted in life. Kate had a goal of $10,000.00, and as of this writing there is over $370,000.00!

According to an ABC News Story (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/homeless-veteran-received-360k-now-pay-forward-thing/story?id=51377241) all Johnny wants is a place to live and a used truck. He wants to give back to other Veterans who are less fortunate than him. This Marine gets a big Semper Fi!

The Complaint Department

The Complaint Department had a beef with pre-96 safety briefs that took place across military installations. Officers and Staff NCOs drone on about being careful. Well they have had enough of being treated like kids…… I pointed out that sometimes we act like kids….







Upcoming Events

Putting a big shout out for Just Checking In Facebook Page – They are putting on Operation Wreaths for Veterans this year. Just Checking In will put wreaths on Veteran’s Tombstones in Melrose Cemetery in Brockton, MA. This event will take place Friday, December 8, 2017 9 AM.

Just Checking In Twitter Page


Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Question of the Week


Camo Pattern I wore in the Marine Corps. Yep, I am old;)

The question of the week came from one of my kid’s friends. “Did you like your Camo Uniform.” As a matter of fact, I did. We were tough on our cammies, and I never had a complaint. All I had to do was wash in cold water, spray my starch solution, then iron to make them look good. They weren’t worth anything for concealment in the desert, but in the woods I was almost invisible.

I know there are many different kinds of patterns available now as technology and fabric improve, but these still got the job done. I guess what I am saying is I have no complaints…… Is that a good thing?



The Word – Stolen Valor

Credit – https://tribwtic.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/stolen-valor.png

I am tired of seeing photos like this one on my left. This sorry excuse for a man dressed up as something he is not. This is an example of Stolen Valor. I wanted to give my view of this since I see no way to defend this. Good Americans have gotten maimed, wounded or killed in service to our country so I take this personally when I see people of all kinds doing this.

You have every right to want to make sure that someone in uniform is who they say they are. A great website to do this is Stolen Valor.com – Stolen Valor Website They clearly state that they are not law enforcement but can guide you through the process of searching for someone’s records.

Long story short, is if I think you are a fraud and confirm as much, I will call you out. A liar can’t hide on the internet anymore and I will be motivated to see you get what is coming to you. People earned the right and privilege to wear the uniform. Don’t feel bad questioning a story if it sounds too good to be true.

The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT could not complain about anything Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey said last week in Episode 43. While what happened to Huey was terrible, Justice for Huey has been able to take action and educate others about service animals. Mason and Heidi from Justice for Huey have taken something that they battle everyday and turned it into a rallying cry for those without hope. More to follow on this story.

Shout Out

My Shout Out goes to the New England Center for Home and Center for Veterans. They had the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the renovation of their building and it was something to see. The project was completed on time and under budget and they did not shut down for one day. No Veteran missed out on services while the construction as underway. I know that the New England Center and Home for Veterans will continue to provide the best services to all Veterans who come through the front door.

Episode 26 – Tamara Reynolds – Homeward Bound and A Hope

Episode 26 – Tamara Reynolds – Homeward Bound and A Hope

“We all have a way to bring light to others.” Tamara Reynolds

Every now and then you run across someone who actually doing something to help others, and not just waiting for someone else to do something.. Tamara volunteers with AHOPE in Ashville, North Carolina. AHOPE is the Day Center for Homeward Bound. Homeward Bound works to end chronic homelessness by placing the homeless in housing. This approach is based on the Housing First Model (House First Model Information) which states that it is better to house homeless first and then provide services to keep them in their home.

I have seen this work and think it is a better method for long term success. I wanted to talk to Tamara because even though she does not volunteer for a Veterans only homeless center, she works with homeless veterans who make up a sizeable portion of the homeless population for Ashville, NC. I believe that her perspective of seeing homeless as human beings to be treated with dignity is something we need to hear.

Tamara talked about how important socks, nail clippers and feminine hygiene products were to someone who is homeless. She understand how difficult it can be for someone to request something that is so ordinary to many of us in our day to day lives. She enjoys making someone feel like they matter, and thinks that is where it all starts with getting someone back on their feet.

I asked Tamara how people can help her outreach efforts for homeless in the Ashville, NC. What she said in the podcast was something I encourage everyone to take to heart. I am paraphrasing, but Tamara said that while she appreciates all the help she gets from people, she would ask everyone to start locally in their community to make changes. She provided this link to the National Homeless Shelter Directory so you can start advocating in your hometown.

If you want to donate to her outreach efforts you can go to her Amazon Wish for AHOPE by clicking on the link –> Tamara’s Amazon Wish List for AHOPE

I want to thank Tamara for coming on Oscar Mike Radio to talk about her experiences in working with homeless people. I would encourage you to donate to some outreach effort in your community. You may be like Tamara, and bring some light and dignity to someone who needs it.


Sweats for Vets – 2016 Fundraising Summary

Sweats for Vets – 2016 Fundraising Summary

Mark Vital from Sweats for Vets sent me an email today with the 2016 Campaign Totals. Mark Vital was in Episode 18 – Mark Vital – Sweats for Vets.  Mark Vital and his crew wrapped and distributed 1,033 sweatshirts to 28 different shelters/transitional homes in all the New England states.

I looked at the totals below, and the number of sweatshirts going to these different locations means that this was a complete team effort. I just wanted to take a some time and say congratulations to Sweats for Vets. I can’t wait to have Mark back on to talk about 2017.

This is the breakdown of what Sweats for Vets did in 2016. Great job!

Sweats for Vets – 2016 Fundraising Summary

OMR Episode 18: Mark Vital Founder of Sweats4Vets

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Vital who is the founder of Sweats 4 Vets.  This is a great story as you will hear. Last year Mark collected over 900 sweatshirts, this year he is looking to collect 1000 – 1100 New England Sports Themed Sweatshirts for Homeless Veterans.

This is a great story, and why I do Oscar Mike Radio. I like that Mark saw an opportunity to give a Homeless Veteran’s some comfort. I am a New Orleans Saints fan, and I could not imagine wearing a Patriots or Cowboys jersey. I would wear one if I was homeless to stay warm, but I would feel the same as the Veteran that Mark first talked to about his sweatshirt.

I am going to help Mark get the word out. I would ask anyone to go to the site and see how you can help. I will be posting updates until the end of the year and I hope Mark crushes his goal.

Lets see if we can all help Mark do this.

Click here to go to Sweats4Vets


A table full of sweatshirtx

A table full of sweatshirtx