Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

Save the Sketches – Abington Dyer Memorial Library

I was at the Abington, MA VFW Post on December 5th, when I saw this notice on the bulletin board about Save the Sketches, a Community Heritage Project being organized by the Dyer Memorial Library ( The project was to give voice to Civil War Veteran Sketches.

This looked very interesting so I sent an email and was contacted by Merlyn Liberty the Archives Librarian. We set up a time to come down and meet, and I have to tell you it was an amazing experience. Looking at history up close and personal is very different from watching a documentary or YouTube clip. At the end of the tour, I offered my voice to support the project and can’t wait to be involved.

This project is open to any Veteran who wants to participate. You can email ( or call (781) 878-8480 to learn more or participate.

I want to thank Merlyn for her time today, and I am looking forward to seeing these memories come alive.

If you are a Veteran in the Abington, MA region, please consider supporting this project
199 Massachusetts 54th Regiment – The Shaw Memorial

199 Massachusetts 54th Regiment – The Shaw Memorial

On May 31st, the Shaw Memorial was defaced. This monument was created to honor the memory and service of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. The Massachusetts 54th Regiment was an all black infantry unit that served honorably during the Civil War.

I talked to Shawn Quigley from the National Parks Service in Boston. I learned so much about the Massachusetts 54th, and what this monument means to the African American community.

There are lessons around the Massachusetts 54th and the Shaw Memorial that resonate in today’s world. The Shaw Monument is being renovated at this time. I am looking forward to seeing its unveiling in 2021.

To learn more go to…e-shaw-memorial.htm

Thank you Shawn for talking with me, I hope people will get a better appreciation of the service and sacrifices made by those who served in the Massachusetts 54th.

Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack, Mark Holmes and Shaun Schubert for supporting Veterans!

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