355 – Colonel Bob Notch – Veterans Collaborative

355 – Colonel Bob Notch – Veterans Collaborative

I was introduced to Bob Notch through Michael Geary of Hellfish Haven. Michael had Bob on our W.A.R (We are Resilient) collaboration and Bob was on with his to talk about the Veterans Collaborative.  

Bob served in the Army and flew the UH-60 Blackhawk. Later in his Army career, he transferred to the Army Reserve where he finished his time in the military.

After serving he transitioned through a couple of civilian jobs until he was asked to be CEO of Veterans Collaborative.

According to the mission statement, “gathers targeted and current local and virtual event listings, information, resource trackers, and directories relevant to various service areas and resource networks. You can directly update the shared calendar appearing throughout the site, as well as resource trackers whenever possible. Making contributions increases the efficiency of outreach efforts and saves everyone in the network the energy of creating and maintaining various resource lists –– freeing up everyone’s time to focus on their individual missions and impact.”

I wanted to quote this because too many times Veterans Organizations hold onto the tools and information, they have instead of figuring out how to take what they have and work with other organizations to be better advocates for Veterans.

The concept of Veterans Organizations working together means that we can go further together. We learn in the military that no one fights alone, and it should be the same when we are advocating for Veterans. Let’s Collaborate

Thank you for coming on and talking with me Colonel.

Go to https://www.collaborate.vet/ to learn more and sign up

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199 Massachusetts 54th Regiment – The Shaw Memorial

199 Massachusetts 54th Regiment – The Shaw Memorial

On May 31st, the Shaw Memorial was defaced. This monument was created to honor the memory and service of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. The Massachusetts 54th Regiment was an all black infantry unit that served honorably during the Civil War.

I talked to Shawn Quigley from the National Parks Service in Boston. I learned so much about the Massachusetts 54th, and what this monument means to the African American community.

There are lessons around the Massachusetts 54th and the Shaw Memorial that resonate in today’s world. The Shaw Monument is being renovated at this time. I am looking forward to seeing its unveiling in 2021.

To learn more go to www.nps.gov/saga/learn/historyc…e-shaw-memorial.htm

Thank you Shawn for talking with me, I hope people will get a better appreciation of the service and sacrifices made by those who served in the Massachusetts 54th.

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164 – VA Nurses at Greater Boston Stand Down

164 – VA Nurses at Greater Boston Stand Down

Veteran getting a hair cut!

I went to the 2019 Greater Boston Stand Down put on by the New England Center and Home for Veterans. I met some nurses from the Greater VA Medical Center and they started getting me right. Good stuff.

The Nurses Got Me!

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140 – Defaced WWII Monument

140 – Defaced WWII Monument

I read the story about the defacement of a WWII Monument in South Boston, and got mad. Really mad. This podcast was to express my frustation with this cowardly act.

The men and women who served in WWII, answered to call to defend our country from people who were trying to destroy us. They deserve better than this disrespect.

I am going to go to the monument this weekend. It is my desire to see the ones who did this brought to justice. Nothing more to say.

Episode 123 – Veteran Owned Veteran Operated with Jonathon Gosselin

Episode 123 – Veteran Owned Veteran Operated with Jonathon Gosselin

Episode 123 – Veteran Owned Veteran Operated with Jonathan Gosselin

I love getting to talk with Veterans who have gotten out and started a business or non – profit. In many cases, the work required to remake oneself is daunting and it is hard on a good day.

Jonathan Gosselin is an Army and Navy Veteran. He owns and operates Veteran Owned Veteran Owned Printing. Check out his website https://vovoprints.com/ and you can get an idea of what he does. Let me put it to you like this, there isn’t much Jonathan Gosselin can’t do for you. I listed item after item that I wanted to have Oscar Mike Radio on and he said he could do it.

So what John and I wanted to do was Livecast from his store. He is doing a clothes drive for Veterans and has a lot of promotions going on for Christmas. I was pumped. John had done work on my logo and we had talked about doing something different for VOVO and Oscar Mike Radio.

What we decided to do is have me come down to his store (VOVO is located at 1540 Bedford St.
Abington, MA) and LiveCast. I have not done many of these, but I want to do more of this kind of work because I learn so much from getting away from my static location.

I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about how a person like Jonathan can use what he has learned in the military to make it in the business world. He is helping me with some aspects of Oscar Mike Radio, but the real story here again is his clothes drive and willingness to take care of the customer regardless of their need.

Oscar Mike Radio will be doing more of these remote livecasts in 2019. I am looking forward to coming back to VOVO and seeing what else John has working in his store. You won’t want to miss it. We are On the Move!


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