Episode 36 – Marine Corps League Experience

Question of the Week

I was asked about AMVets marching in the Saint Patty’s Day Parade. I do and I don’t care. I care that AMVets had to make such a big deal about this. I don’t care because as long as you can shoot, carry ammo boxes and get me to the doc if I am wounded you and be with whoever you want. Those three things should trump everything else.

Marine Corps League Rifle Detail

I talked about my experience last weekend being part of my Marine Corps League Detachment’s Rifle Detail. I am a member of the Ist. Lt Brian McPhillips MCL Detachment 1115 – DET 1115 Website We were honoring one our member’s friend who was in the Navy. I asked my Marine Sister and Brothers what this meant to the family and they told me that people appreciate seeing their loved one honored in this way.

I would certainly encourage any Marine to look at joining their local Marine Corp League Detachment. This was a somber but powerful experience.

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