For active military service members, veterans, and non veterans, I had an idea to create a place to meet and share ideas on how to be there for each other. I looked at different ways to do this and decided the best way to get the message out, was to use a podcast/internet radio format.

To all those who have supported this so far, thank you and Semper Fidelis.

Some Of Our Many Topics

Homeless Veterans

Homeless veterans, who have bravely served their country, often face significant challenges reintegrating into civilian life and accessing the support they need.


Nonprofits play a vital role in addressing social, environmental, and humanitarian issues by leveraging community support and resources to enact positive change.


Community leadership involves empowering individuals to collaborate, innovate, and advocate for the common good, fostering a sense of unity and progress within neighborhoods and society.

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and entertainment enrich society by captivating audiences, fostering cultural dialogue, and inspiring creativity, serving as a reflection of human experiences and aspirations.

Trauma & Abuse

Military trauma and abuse can have profound and lasting effects on service members, often manifesting in physical, psychological, and emotional wounds that require comprehensive support and understanding.


Military history chronicles the evolution of warfare, the bravery and sacrifices of soldiers, and the geopolitical shifts that have shaped civilizations throughout time.


Businesses that support the military contribute to the well-being of service members and their families through various means such as employment opportunities, discounts, and partnerships, recognizing their sacrifices and service to the nation

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Homeless Veterans


Military Trauma


Arts & Entertainment




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Gabriel Moreira

Rock Singer

If you’re listening to music at work, on road trips, or frankly just while you’re hanging out at least a couple times a week, Divi Podcast Child Theme is definitely worth it.
Higashi Mako


Divi Podcast Child Theme has a great selection of songs and artist. Happy with the service for 2 years. Would recommend to anyone that has asked me about it.
Gavin Padilla


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