133 – Becky Tough – A Soldier’s Kit

133 – Becky Tough – A Soldier’s Kit

Kit can mean many things in the military. You have mess kit, med kit, your “kit” which in the U.S. Military means your issue. There is now, courtesy of Tough Wellness, a Soldier’s Kit.

Becky was on Oscar Mike Radio for #125, and I quickly discovered that I could not discuss all the aspects of essential oils with her on one podcast.

I asked Becky about the need for the Soldier’s Kit. Becky said the she and her husband Jim saw a need among soldiers who were dealing with a wide variety of emotions from anger, to stress, and sadness.  Becky and Jim created this kit as a way to offer more natural approach to dealing with their emotions in conjunction with other coping tools like prayer, meditation, and therapy. 

Becky has told me from day one that essential oils are not the silver bullet to all one’s problems. She is very clear that wellness means that someone has to look at things like diet, exercise, prayer and meditation to take care of the whole person.

Each oil in the kit address a different need and can be used together or separately. One of the key things Becky emphasized was buying quality oils. Young Living Essential Oils produce a quality oil with no added fillers or chemicals. So while you pay a bit more, you don’t have worry that you are using snake oil. (Pun intended).

So I am waiting for my Thieves Household cleaner to arrive. When it does, I will do a livecast review of how it compares to Windex. I have read that many people like it. If this works, out I will start using more products like this. Stay tuned!

Go to Becky’s Facebook Page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/Toughwellness .

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, these products are not

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125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

125 – Army Veteran Becky Tough – Essential Oils & Toxin Free Living

I am always looking to learn how to live better. Most interesting are ways to introduce natural products into my daily life. Becky Tough served in the Army as a Medic. She told me what her favorite thing do in the Army was, and I got real nervous. Good thing she switched to wellness and healthy living, whew!

Becky has studied, researched and now uses essential oils as part of her journey toward complete wellness. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and more and more people use these oils in their daily lives.

Like others I have had on Oscar Mike Radio, Becky had to re-invent herself after separating from active duty service. As time and life went on she discovered that wellness for herself and family was a calling for her.

She started working with Young Living Products. You can find out more by going to her Facebook Page – Becky and Jim’s Young Living Essential Oils – These are high quality oils with all natural ingredients. Becky sent me a goody bag of samples and I am going to give this a go. If I can feel better with some of this stuff, why not?

The second mission focus for Becky is what she calls, “Toxin-Free Living“. This is where she can tell you how to reduce or altogether eliminate cleaning products that have harsh chemicals in the ingredients. I had an eye brow raised, I am not going to kid around with this. I still remember Gunny’s saying about Simple Green. “If it doesn’t smell green, then it is not clean Marine!” Those words will echo every time I clean my house. These products are all natural and it makes sense to try and switch.

As we talked, it became clear that this was not all about the money for Becky. She really wants you to consider using these products so you can have a better, healthier life. Again go to Becky’s Facebook Page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/Toughwellness . I love it when Veterans make something different out of themselves, that still allows them to serve, but also enrich their own life. Keep being Tough Becky!

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