Public Service Announcement for VA – Pact Act

Public Service Announcement for VA – Pact Act

Veterans must file a PACT Act claim or submit an intent to file by August 9, 2023, to have their benefits backdated to August 10, 2022, the day the legislation was enacted.

The PACT Act is a significant expansion of VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. This Act includes over 20 new presumptive conditions associated with burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures. It also adds new presumptive locations for exposure to Agent Orange and radiation.

Veterans can find answers to their questions and file a claim via

To review a claim or appeal status, and submit evidence for your claim or appeal, Veterans can use the VA: Health and Benefits App, available for download on Apple or Android devices at

If a Veteran disagrees with the VA’s decision on a claim, or if a claim was decided in the past and is uncontested, the option to file a Supplemental Claim is available. Veterans can learn more about supplemental claims and how to file at .

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277 – Move Part Two

277 – Move Part Two

Oscar Mike Radio 262 (  on October 8th, I talked about my experience joining the Veterans Administration’s MOVE program.

I wanted to keep this as an ongoing series because as I move through getting back to full activity, managing this part of my health is very important. 

I finished the program in the first week of January 2022. All I can simply say is that the four months in the program with other Veteran and the professionals from VA was overwhelmingly positive.

Being with other Veterans who were trying to do the same thing I was doing felt like I was part of the unit again. Listening to their challenges and victories, I came to realize that they weren’t that different from me.

I am now part of the MOVE Alumni program. I will be meeting once a week with other Veterans to stay on track with my goals. What compelled me to do this was the care I received from the MOVE Program professionals. Everyone from the dieticians, physical therapists, and psychologists, impressed upon me that they were committed to my success. This was helpful as I was trying to recover. I want to thank them for all their work on our behalf because they are right there with us even after we leave the program.

Looking forward to checking in with you all. I want to show that a healthy lifestyle is possible with commitment, effort, and support.

Go to ​to get started. There are many tools and resources to help you live your best life. Be the change you want and MOVE!

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172 – Video Game Nursing

172 – Video Game Nursing

I was reading the Boston Herald the other day and came across this article about a VA Nurse who was playing video games on her phone while a soldier died. The article also gave detail on a VA nurse in the same facility who was diverting morphine. Not a good day for Veterans.

Really appreciated JJ coming on to add perspective and context around this issue. I thought video games while nursing was not even a thing. The part that bothered me was the light punishment that these nurses got as a result of their actions. You can read the entire article here — >

JJ is a Navy Veteran and has been a patient in the VA system for a while. He was not happy that I had taken a long time to get my stuff updated so it made sense to have him on to talk about VA medical care. As I said in the podcast, this is not VA bashing episode. I cited the 2016 study by John Hopkins that medical errors are a leading cause of death in the U.S. —> . I asked JJ what can Veterans do to help themselves. JJ stated that Veterans need to take ownership and advocate for their own care. Doing so would allow problems to resolved in early stages. I will be filling out all survey cards going forward! Thanks again JJ, for coming on Oscar Mike Radio.

You can watch our talk on YouTube. Thanks again!

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Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack and Mark Holmes for supporting Veterans!

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Episode 91 – Dirty VA Hospital Room

Episode 91 – Dirty VA Hospital Room

Episode 91 – Dirty VA Hospital Room

Question of the Week

Question of the Week is why do I crochet? Simply put, I crochet because I made a promise. A listener needed yarn to make hats and gloves for Veterans. I asked a group with Project Linus if they had yarn they could donate.

The group leader said yes if I learned to crochet. The image on the left will be my next blanket. It is a corner to corner blanket. I like doing this because it is something to do with my hands. Also the finished product goes to Project Linus ( I will keep them coming.


The Word

I was interested in the story that broke about a veteran’s father who took pictures of a hospital room that was, in a word, filthy. It is my understanding that hospital rooms are supposed to clean. Looking at the photos it seems that this room was dirty for a while. Stephen Wilson – The Father’s Twitter Page

My question is this. After all the outrage over a Master Sergeant who re-enlisted with a sock puppet on her hand, where is the outrage over this room? Where is the brass coming down hard on this? Where are all the Facebook Veterans who rail against the injustices of the world? Where are they? What are they doing? They would rather make noise over a sock puppet and get two people kicked out of the military than keep the heat on a VA Hospital that services Veterans. I don’t get it. But by all means, get angry over things that don’t really matter.

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  • June 10th, 2018 – #teamdarrah is having a cornhole tournament at the Avon VFW. This is to raise money for Veteran’s Causes
  • July 28th, 2018 – Burnouts 4 Veterans will be at it again on July 28th at the Brockton VFW.