192 – The Warrior’s Book of Virtues

192 – The Warrior’s Book of Virtues

I want say thanks to Ben Biddick, US Army Veteran, host of the Get Up Nation Show who recommended the book – The Warrior’s Book of Virtues

I got to talk to two of the three authors of a book that has had a positive impact on me. Richard Bryan and Matt Bloom recounted their military experience and how this shaped their focus to write this book. The Warrior’s Book of Virtues is written in a way that anyone military and civilian can benefit from reading it.

Talking with Richard and Matt, I thought about how individuals with different backgrounds in life and the military came together to create something that is needed now more than ever. Thanks for talking with me an Semper Fidelis

Find out more about The Warrior’s Book of Virtues at – https://www.facebook.com/warriorsbook… You can buy the book on Amazon for $10.99 (Kindle) and $14,99 (Hardcover)

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Episode 109 – Get Up Nation

Episode 109 – Get Up Nation

Episode 109 – Get Up Nation

I started listening to Get Up Nation Podcast a little over 6 months ago. Ben Biddick is an Army Veteran who took what he experienced in the military to make something positive for people. You can see his first real foray into this by checking out his book, Get Up: The Art of Perseverance. Ben wrote this with Adam Greenberg who played for the Chicago Cubs. Adam was making his first plate appearance and was hit by a pitch that changed his life.

Ben and Adam wrote about this experience and how Adam used this to make something more for himself. This started a mission focus of bringing a message that no matter the situation, one can take control of their life to make positive change.

Positive empowerment for one’s life is a common theme of all of Ben’s podcasts. I can tell you personally that most Monday’s I listen to this podcast on Stitcher.  It starts my week off on a strong positive note. I love hearing stories about how people have taken what appears to be horrible situations and turned their lives into a beacon of hope for others. This message of positive empowerment becomes contagious and helps me help others.

While Ben serves and works with active duty military and veterans, he talks to people from all walks of life. I believe that makes the message of Get Up Nation more relevant to anyone. You can be anyone and choose to make a change in your life right now. It is your choice, and Get Up Nation Podcast is there to show you the way.

I appreciated Ben’s time and candor during our talk. You can find out more by going to the website. Get Up Nation Podcast Website

Get Up Nation Podcast – Episode 37 on YouTube

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egHkjYzy5BI[/embedyt]



Get Up on Amazon

Ben wrote this book with Adam Greenberg who played for the Chicago Cubs. You can understand the concepts Ben talks about for all his work. Click the link below to get in paperback or Kindle. 

Get Up: The Art of Perseverance – On Amazon