310 – Brothers in Healing

310 – Brothers in Healing

Note: This conversation contains mature subject matter and language about PTSD and the effects of PTSD.

I want to start off with a thank you to Paula Anne of Ablaze Entertainment for introducing me to Chris and Woody. I am proud to support those who are first responders, EMS, and law enforcement personally and as Oscar Mike Radio.

Chris and Woody have over four decades of law enforcement experience. They came on Oscar Mike Radio to talk about how PTSD affects Law Enforcement. Over the course of their career, situations they experienced started to take their toll on them and negatively impacted their lives

Knowing they needed help, Chris and Woody went to Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness to get help for their trauma. After going through treatment, they were committed to helping their fellow Law Enforcement brothers and sisters avoid a permanent end to temporary problems. And so, Brothers in Healing was formed to get immediate aid to those in need. You can go to https://brothersinhealing.com/ – to find out more and support Chris and Woody’s mission.

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179 – Brothers Forever

179 – Brothers Forever

I talk about meeting David Roberts and Josh Morin at the Volunteers of America Veterans Leadership Dinner on November 14th. David was being honored for his work in raising awareness and funds to support survivors of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club Fallen 7. Joshua was there with David and it was an honor meeting them both. During the dinner, we all agreed that we are going to work together for Josh and other Veterans who need help. No one gets left behind, Brothers Forever.

Thanks to everyone who took time out of the schedule over the last couple of weeks to talk with me to make 7 Days of Oscar Mike Radio happen. I feel a sense of accomplishment, and understand I have a lot of work to do to improve. I love doing this, and Volunteers of America – Massachusetts https://www.voamass.org/get-involved/…

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Episode 115 – In Memory of John Gollner, Veteran X

Episode 115 – In Memory of John Gollner, Veteran X

Episode 115 – In Memory of John Gollner, Veteran X

Like I said this is a different kind of podcast. On September 29th, I got word that a Marine I served with had passed. I couldn’t believe it. I was riding motorcycle when I got a Facebook Message from one of the Corporals I served under.

In the message was  a picture of John Gollner. I served with and under him Charlie Battery, Second Platoon. I sat beside my motorcycle for a while and could not do anything. Disbelief set in and I started making phone calls and reaching to others to get confirmation on a situation I could not fathom.

As I talked with others about his passing I wanted to do something to make sure he was not forgotten. I received permission from his father to do this podcast. John and I tried several times to sync up to have him on Oscar Mike Radio. He had started Veteran X and I wanted to find out more, but we could never make it happen. Schedules and time zones make for their own challenges…… I wish I could say otherwise.

I hope this will provide John’s family, friends and fellow Marines some sort of comfort. The most valuable thing we have in life is each other. Semper Fidelis John, I can hear you singing our anthem now.

HAWK Missile System Video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa01gESQ6WM[/embedyt]


Veteran X

Please go to the Veteran X Facebook Page and check out what John was doing. (Veteran X Facebook Page) . My view on Veteran X is some of us are Veterans. We have either given all or are prepared to do so. Hence, Some Gave All. X is anyone us at anytime can be a force for those in need. John ran his talk and it is a regret I will carry with me for a long time that we could not sync up to have him talk more about what he was doing.