175 – Veterans Day Archery at Fall River Rod and Gun Club

175 – Veterans Day Archery at Fall River Rod and Gun Club

I shoot archery and have for about 15 years. I am on Reedy’s Archery Veterans Team (https://reedysarchery.com/). Doing archery with other Veterans has been rewarding and a great way to relax and enjoy nature.

Chuck Reinhagen and I met at Reedys. He asked me about my service and how I liked archery. I found out Chuck heads up the archery division for the Fall River Rod and Gun Club. We started talking about archery and what the Tri-County 3-D League does.

3-D Archery is where an archer will shoot at stationary targets throughout an outdoor course. Generally courses have thirty targets, of varying distances and difficulty. I had never shot Fall River before and was looking forward to this course on Veteran’s Day.

I said hello to Chuck and got started. Absolutely loved the course, I liked the wide trails and the shot variety made it fun. #26 was the most challenging shot and I want to do better next year. My other teammate and I had a good time.

Talking with Chuck Reinhagen after the shoot was great. I learned some new things about how the league works. Seeing how Chuck and other like him want to make archery accessible to Veterans, I want to thank everyone in the Tri-County 3-D Archery League for all the great shoots I had in 2019.

Reedy’s Veteran Archery Team is looking forward to 2020. Hope to see more Veterans out there. Thanks for talking with me Chuck!

Chuck with other Archers

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147 – Reedy’s Veterans Archery Team

147 – Reedy’s Veterans Archery Team

“There is a Veteran’s Archery event at Reedy’s Archery.” Jason Cox, who is the Middleborough, MA Veteran’s Service Officer, put on an event for Veterans with Chris Reed of Reedy’s Archery.

The event was on a Monday night, and I was expecting 12 -15 people. Over 60 people showed up to try out archery and meet other Veterans. It was cool to see so many people enjoying themselves. Chris and his staff worked with all the Veterans the entire night. People who had never picked up a bow before were putting arrows on target. The looks on their faces was worth the ride.

I had my bow out for the event. I hadn’t shot it in quite a while and figured why not bring it. Once I started going through the process, my mind kind of clicked and said remember how much you liked this? Archery was fun again!

At the close of the evening, Chris Reed put the word out that he wanted a Reedys Archery Veterans Team. The women Veterans jumped all over this and within 24 hours, a team was formed with practice times.

Being able to talk with other Veterans while practicing archery has been great. This isn’t active duty service, but more and more we are acting like a unit. We encourage each other when we off and celebrate every bullseye.

All this would not have been possible without Chris Reed, his family and the wonderful staff and coaches of Reedy’s Archery. We Veterans are looking forward to dominating!

Check out this video on Chris Reed and Reedy’s Archery

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