OMR Episode 17: South Shore News and Views – WVBF AM 1530

November 11, 2016

South Shore News and Views is broadcast from WVBF AM 1530 Home Town Talk Radio in Taunton, MA. It is a show that talks about people and what they do in what is called the “South Shore” of Massachusetts.

I met up with the hosts in June of the this year and they asked me to come on show and guest host. I had a lot of fun and they have had me come back to host several times.

Last month I was a guest talking about motorcycling in New England and I was asked to come back talk about Veterans Advocacy.

Yours truly with Bob and Jack

Yours truly with Bob and Jack from October 2016.

So I asked if we could do Oscar Mike Radio “Live” and they said sure come on down. I had a blast. Bob and Murray kind of let me do my thing, and asked great questions. Many people listened and I am glad the word went out. Here is how the show went.
Question of the Week
I asked Bob the question about marijuana becoming legalized in more states across the U.S.,  and what affect that may have on young people looking to join the military. I liked how Bob described the affect of drugs on the brain. He also reminded me that even though it is legal in some states, it is illegal on a federal level.
The Word
I talked about Veterans Advocacy and the need to communicate with all generations about the military. Oscar Mike Radio is a way to try and do that across many different demographics.
POG and GRUNT Complaint Department
They were upset about how boot camp recruits can now qualify with an ACOG Scope instead of iron sights. A scope? A scope is used to learn how to shoot a rifle in boot camp instead of the way it has been done for 200+ years. They were not happy, but they are happy!!!!
Unit Shout Out

English and Scottish Soccer Team wearing Poppy Armbands


I wanted to shout out to English and Scottish Football teams choosing to wear the poppy armband in honor of Remembrance Day in defiance of FIFA rules. Remebrance Day is similar to Veterans Day here. Why am I shouting out to them? In an day and age where some people think it is cool to protest the national anthem. These countries chose to honor those who came before them.

Upcoming Events

Plug Sweats4Vets – Talk about Episode 18 and Mark Vital. Brockton MA Veterans Day Parade. I will be riding with the 1st Lt Brian McPhillips Metro South Detachment 1115

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