Episode 85 – Jodie Part 2 – The System

March 23, 2018

Jodie or the Family Court System



Matthew Hindes & his daughter. Navy Times

Wes and I have found that there have been situations of blatant hostility toward fathers in the military. Since we are trying to avoid anecdotal evidence, I found the story of Naval Submariner Matthew Hindes. Judge Margaret Noe had threatened Matthew with jail time and reverting custody of his daughter back to the mother. Matthew’s lawyer cited the ServiceMembers Civil Relief  Act Subchapter II, Section 3931, Subheading 4D – Stay of proceedings – Link to the document is here -> UNITED STATES CODE Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Accurate as of March 6, 2016 .


Judge Noe, literally said she would not honor or respect Federal Statute, and threatened jail time for contempt of court. She also said she would take Matthew’s daughter away from him and giving her back to her mother. I got upset that people don’t think this kind of thing happens. Read the following links and you tell me if this is fantasy.

Navy Times Story about Matthew Hindes   –  National Parents Organization Write Up about Matthew Hindes


Wes and I wanted to start framing these episodes with the concept of SMEAC, or the Five paragraph order: Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin/Logistics, Command and Signals. This way we can provide some ideas on how to deal with both Jody and Jodie from a warrior’s perspective.


We want you all to execute some self learning, and start arming yourself with knowledge. These are the links that Wes referenced in this podcast.



Wes and I are not probate lawyers nor are we military law experts. You should always consult an attorney before making any kind of choice that could have an negative impact on your case. Also reach out for help from fellow Veterans if you are in a hard time. 22 a day is still a reality.

Command and Signals

As Wes said over and over, you must keep yourself under control in the courtroom at all times. You must try to master your feelings and emotions. If you think of this as battleground, it is easier to take those negative emotions out of the equation.



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Jody and Jodie Podcast Links

I will add the episode links so you can get caught up. This is a year long series, so buckle up!

Jody Part 1 – Episode 81


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