Episode 30 – Operation Teammate

February 10, 2017


William “Ryan” Owens


Operation Teammate, Oscar Mike Radio and Whoobazoo would like to dedicate Episode 30 to the service and memory of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens. Ryan Owens was a Navy Seal who was killed in Yemen on January 30th, 2017. I don’t have all the details of what happened, and it might be a while before any of us know. I understand service members may be taken from us at anytime, and it is never good seeing this happen.

All of us thought it would be respectful to dedicate this episode to a fallen brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Owens family. Semper Fidelis



As I said in previous episodes, I wanted to take 2017 and focus on Veterans and Active Duty Service Members who are either starting their own businesses or non-profits.

Tim Montjoy is one of those individuals who started his own non-profit organization called Operation Teammate. Operation Teammate bring children of active duty service members to sporting events to make them feel special while their mom or dad are serving our country.

Tim has brought children to events at colleges and the NBA. The children are brought to the event where they get to talk to the athletes about life planning and make good choices. They then get to watch the game. If you look at the pictures on the Operation Teammate Website, you can see kids with huge smiles at these events. I believe Tim has found a need and has worked to fill that need.

I thought this was unique because there isn’t anyone else doing something like this for children of active duty service members. I looked at several veteran charities and none of them or solely focused on children. As I started talking to Tim about how he got started and it is clear that while his Air Force career is over, his work is not done. He still wants to serve, and this personal because of his military experience.

I enjoyed doing this episode. I can’t wait to check back in with Tim to see what Operation Teammate does in the future.

Go to http://www.operationteammate.org/ to find out how you can get involved, and to keep with all their events. OMR sends


Tim Montjoy at the Charlotte Hornets – He was their Yellow Ribbon Honoree Link to Charlotte Hornets Page Award Announcement






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