Episode 43 Justice for Huey Part 2 – Interview with Mason Crosslin

May 12, 2017

Mason and Griffin

This week’s episode is an interview with Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey. Justice for Huey was created to respond the shooting death of Huey, a two year old pitbull. Huey was killed by Mariana Rollins, an Army Veteran with PTSD and other illnesses, who committed suicide last week.

We didn’t talk much about the shooting or Mariana’s death. We talked about his battle with PTSD and how he used what happened to him to advocate for Huey. Mason told me about how he is loving life because of his dog Griffin. She was there with him while I was talking with him. We talked about Heidi, the other half of Justice for Huey and what she was doing.

The point I want to make is Mason took something that was bad for him and has turned it into something good for himself and his fellow veterans. Listen to what he is says. We are hearing a man who wants to bring hope to people who do not have it.

I asked him how we can help. You can help by liking the Facebook Page, Justice for Huey, and following what is going on. Heidi and Mason are keeping it up to date and will respond as soon as they are able to questions. You can also help by ordering T-Shirts and decals from the Facebook Page. The proceeds will to go to Susie’s Hope. Susie’s Hope advocates for unwanted animals. Mason told me they will have order page up early next week. You also have to check out Shelter to Soldier. Shelter to Soldier helped Mason get Griffin, and I hope to have them on Oscar Mike Radio soon. Links to everything will be below.

I have committed to following this and raising awareness about PTSD and how animals can help. Think about what Mason is saying and see if you can get involved. OMR is behind Justice for Huey all the way.

I also want to give shout to Whoobazoo for helping me make this episode work. If you are into podcasting or creating content, you need to check them out.

Website Links

Justice for Huey Facebook Page

Shelter to Soldier Website

Susie’s Hope – NonProfit Website


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