210 – James Van Prooyen – Stronger Together

October 9, 2020

I met US Air Force Retired Veteran James Van Prooyen a couple of years ago. We didn’t really connect until this year when James asked me to sit on his Veterans Business Hour that he hosts.

I started learning about other Veterans who are starting their own businesses. James kept talking about the need to be stronger together. The way to get stronger together is to support Veterans in business from the moment an idea is formed in a entrepreneur’s mind to when the product is sold.

When I started really listening to what that meant and saw it work for Veterans who are starting their own business, it started changing the way I approached doing Oscar Mike Radio.

Talking with James can show you how his experiences can help you if you are starting your own business or facing challenges like the ones presented by COVID-19. We can be Stronger Together. Thank you James

Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack, Mark Holmes and Shaun Schubert for supporting Veterans!

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