Episode 31- Valentine’s Day, Love and the Military

February 18, 2017

Valentine’s Day, Love, Legalized Extortion, Every Kiss, etc etc. I wanted to talk about how love can work in the military. Regardless of service, either your significant other is a force multiplier in your life, or you get to experience hell on earth. Either way saddle up for a wild ride!

This was the first episode I tried doing remote on a “live” setting. I recorded at  Asia One – 708 Belmont Street Brockton, MA = Click on this link to check them out!

I will admit right here the sound isn’t the best. However, I am going to try it again. I liked the vibe and I felt relaxed and I had a good time. 30 minutes flew by fast. Almost too fast. Bear with me while I dial this part of the show to perfection.

Next time I go to Asia One, I will pass the word so if you want to stop by you can.

All I can say about this Episode is there is 365 days in a year, make every day Valetine’s Day!

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