Bonus Episode – Patton Veterans Project

May 15, 2018

Patton Veterans Project

I got a Facebook Message a couple days ago from Ben Patton of Patton Veterans Project. He wanted to speak with me about his organization Patton Veterans Project. JJ Bennett, who was a guest on Episode 76 (Episode 76 – Power Breathing & Meditation Interview), had spoken with Ben about this podcast and we talked for a few minutes.

Ben is the grandson of Army General George Patton. According to the website, ( the mission “is to help veterans coping with posttraumatic stress reduce social isolation and strengthen family, community, and professional bonds. We accomplish this mission through intensive filmmaking workshops enabling participants to collaborate with peers to process their service experiences. We also incorporate screening events that validate veterans’ experiences, advance community dialogue, and educate the public about the mental health challenges facing veterans and military families.” I love this kind of outreach that taps into the creative side of veterans. Ben wanted me to come out this (May 18-20) weekend to take part.

The thing is I had previous commitments and will not be able to make it. I also was not going to be able to do a podcast about the workshop since I had Episode 93 – #impactfulathleteinteraction ready to go. I wanted to do something to get the word out because JJ liked this experience and could not wait to share his video. You can check out his work here: (Major General Zation).

So the following is a livestream from YouTube from yours truly about Patton Veterans Project

Oscar Mike Radio TV





18-20 MAY, Clear Path New England, Devens, MA

The next film workshop is scheduled for May 18-20 2018. Location TDB in the greater Boston Area, MA, and is open to all veterans who have served after 9/11/2001. An additional workshop is also scheduled for later in the Summer. These workshops are part of our ongoing study to support post-911 veterans.

This workshop will run Friday, 6PM-9PM; Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM. The workshop is free with meals provided. Participating vets must attend all sessions of a weekend workshop.  TO APPLY, CLICK HERE. Also, you can email for more information.

18-21 MAY, Bronx VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY

A workshop at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in Bronx, NY is scheduled for late June 18-21 and is open to all veterans. Choose between AM and PM sessions. To register, contact Efrion J. Smith at (718) 584-9000 ext.5432, or email





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