Episode 39 – The Fighting Sullivans

April 14, 2017

Question of the Week

I was asked about Syria and what President Trump did. Well, the truth is I am still trying to figure out where the “red line” is that President Obama talked about. In short, I need to educate myself on what is actually going on. I will say that NOT putting troops on the ground was a good thing. When I feel like I can talk about it without recycling mainstream media, I will do a podcast on it.

The Word

This all got started when I watched the 1944 black and white movie, The Fighting Sullivans. It was a true story about five brothers who were all killed at the same time in WWII. They were serving on the USS Juneau and the ship went down around November 13th 1942.

If you can watch the movie on Netflix or Tuner Classic Movies you should. One thing that struck me was how different America was almost 100 years ago. Mothers stayed home with the children, and Dad could work at one place for many years. Family dynamics, dating and opportunities were very different. Probably not in a bad way…..

The Sullivan Brothers petitioned the Navy to all serve together. The Navy had policy that did not allow that, but it was not actively enforced. So ranging from 20 – 27 years of age, all the brothers went to basic training and served on the USS Juneau. It is my understanding that the movie captured the spirit of the Sullivan family during this time.

November 13th, the Juneau was hit by Japanese and sank. I think the chilling line from that movie as, “All Five”.

I can’t imagine losing one of my sons, much less all of them at one time. As a result of this the DoD instituted the Sole Survivor Policy, which was put into law into 1948. When I hear the words, “All gave some, and some gave all.” I will never think of it as a catch phrase. The Sullivan family’s destiny was changed forever. I don’t know if I could give any of my sons, much less all of them. This was an old movie, but it hit home for me.

The Complaint Department

POG is worried that there are no Air Force movies coming out. He has a point. Not since Iron Eagle have there been any good Air Force flicks….. You would think with the F22 Raptor costing more than a summer blockbuster that they would get busy.

Unit Shout Out

I got this from Fox News. Christopher Garza was arrested for doing nearly 160 MPH in his Dodge Challenger Hellcat. His car was impounded, he was put in jail and now he  is out on bail. He says he has no regrets because he was giving a wounded vet a fast ride to cheer him up. Now of course I would never tell anyone to break the law, but it is special kind of friend who will do this and say that he has no regrets. Chris, I don’t know you, but  I do that Vet will never forget that nig

Chris Garza






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