163 – Mark, the Reaper – Get REAPERFIED!

September 7, 2019
Don’t get clean, Get REAPERFIED!

Talking to Veterans who re-invent themselves never gets old. I met Mark a couple years ago, and he told me about his plan to launch Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing.

Fast forward to the present and Mark has literally become a Reaper against dirt in any form. Mark has a detailing and powerwashing business that is completely mobile. He hit me up about getting my motorcycle REAPERFIED. I said yes, and met him to go through the experience.

Now, I thought I could clean a motorcycle. I really did, but what I can do is nothing compared to what Mark did in 84 minutes. He showed me I was a rookie at best. I could use the chrome to shave with no problem. I asked Mark how he got started with detailing. He told me that he liked cleaning, and got a couple of supplies to start. Now, he is looking to grow his business and hopes to make it where Veterans can join him to be successful.

People ask me all the time if there are Veterans who have used what they learned in the service to make something different with their life. Mark, The Reaper, is a perfect example of someone starting small and working to fulfill his goals no matter the challenge or the weather. Don’t get clean, get the Reaper!

Sponsor Announcement

Mark wanted to support Oscar Mike Radio. I, in turn, wanted to support the Reaper and what he is going to for Veterans in 2020. Mark is Oscar Mike Radio’s next official sponsor. I want to thank Mark for this show of support. I can’t wait to see what we do together. Mark is the REAPER, GET REAPERFIED!

Check out the video interview on YouTube!!!

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Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack and Mark Holmes for supporting Veterans!

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