Episode 49 – USS Fitzgerald

June 23, 2017

Question of the Week

I was asked about what one can do to start helping Veterans. There are plenty of places to start locally. Places that need your energy, ideas, and muscle to advocate for Veterans.


The Word

I spent this episode trying to get my head around how to ships in a rather LARGE body of water could collide. I wanted to take a moment and honor the brave sailors who did their job and saved more lives as a result. I want to follow up on this when all the facts are available. Until then, my thoughts and prayers go out to the entire crew of the USS Fitzgerald.





The Complaint Department

28 Million Dollars wasted on uniforms for Afghan National Army??? POG and GRUNT were not too happy.

Fox Business News – 28 Million Wasted on Uniforms

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, Justice for Huey and Sophie’s Hope will be having a rally at the Harnett County Courthouse located in Lillington, NC.

This is the first hearing for Jarren Heng who helped murder Huey. If you are in the Harnett County, come out and support Justice for Huey and Sophie’s Hope.

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