OMR Episode 14: Salute To Service

Ok, I took a couple of Episode Recaps off, and found out that listeners like having this available. I will keep doing these going forward. Thanks for the feedback.

The Word – Episode 8 update and Salute to Service

I spent the first half of Episode 14 updating everyone on Jill and the yarn donation she received. Personally, I have never seen that much yarn in one place in my life. I showed this picture to Jill and I couldn’t believe how excited she was. I can’t wait to see what she makes with all this!


I then talked about the NFL’s Salute to Service. My issue here is one of the beneficiaries is Wounded Warrior Project. I also think you could take that money and spend it closer to home where it will go farther. Yes, the NFL camo items are cool, but I try to help locally before I look at national non profits.

Next Week – Episode 15

I am gathering all the upcoming Veterans Day events for the Greater Boston area that I can and I am going to go through them for the next Episode. There is a lot happening and I would like to be able to share as many things with all as I can. Thanks for listening!

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