9/11/01 – 20 Years Later

I was on at 101 Arch St in Boston doing work when all of the sudden my colleagues and I  got word that something terrible had happened in New York City.  We were all watching the TV and our computer screens when the second plane hit the Tower.

Our thoughts were for our friends, family, and colleagues on Wall Street,  Were they Ok? What was going on? How could this happen? When it finally unfolded that we, the  United States had been attacked, the sense of disbelief was palpable.

Everything changed.

20 years later, I am seeing things I would never have thought possible as an American. We seem divided. There are Americans trapped in Afghanistan and our leadership does not seem to care. Veterans still experience challenges that other groups do not face. It is getting more and more difficult to see a path to the American Dream. I see hope and am encouraged by people who still believe that America is the best place to be on this planet. I believe and continue to be proud to be an American.

Today 09/11 should remind all of us that we are Americans. We are different, we have our problems, we fight and squabble with each other, but at the end of the day, America and what it represents is still seen as a beacon to many.

I am able to sit here today, drink my coffee, listen to my favorite podcast while writing this because of those willing to serve our country to protect our freedoms and those who work every day to make America a great place. While you are going about your life today, please remember so that we never forget.

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