21 Years a Folded Flag Livestream – May 29th – 5 PM

This is the information post about the Livestream I am doing with Danielle Rocco of Devoted to a Soldier for Gold Star son Richard Fitts Jr.

SSGT. Richard Fitts Sr. lost his life during a mission in Laos in 1968. It took 21 years for Richard Fitts Jr. and his family to receive closure. This is hard to believe in this day and age, but seeing how this affected Richard Fitts Jr. and his family brings you back to a very different time in our country.

21 Years a Folded Flag is a son’s desire to tell the story of his father’s legacy, and by extension ensure that those who served during the Vietnam War are not forgotten. It is our desire that any Vietnam Veteran who is watching this will come away with a feeling that we honor your service and we appreciate the sacrifices you and those who served with you made for our country.

Oscar Mike Radio YouTube Link – You can go to this link directly for the Livestream Saturday May 29th. Note: This link goes LIVE Saturday, May 29th 5 PM EST Promptly

Other Links to Livestream

You can go to any of these links on Saturday, May 29th, 5 PM EST to see the Livestream

Thank you to those who have supported this Livestream

  • Carole Williams – Keeps SSGT Richard Fitts Sr.’s memory alive everyday
  • Sue Crosby – Devoted to the search for POW/MIAs
  • Liz Borden – National recording artist, SSGT Richard Fitts Sr Bracelet wearer & family friend
  • Tiffany Rice – Spirit medium & family friend
  • Ed McGee – Audio engineer and personal friend
  • Colonel Dick Thompson – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Gail Huff – Broadcast Journalist
  • Former Senator Scott Brown and currently ambassador for New Zealand
  • Gary Hoey – National recording artist and friend to Richard Fitts Jr.
  • Ken Bowra – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Tia Mayhem and Tanya Venom- Stormstress – Boston based power trio band
  • Sue Austin – Abington, MA hometown family supporter
  • Crossroads Music – Hanover, MA – Bob, Jim & Paul
  • Tom Tolman – Musician, friend and soundtrack contributor
  • Hirsch Gardner – National recording artist, member of New England
  • USSV Post 2 SSGT Richard A Fitts Chapter
  • Rob Graham –  Creative Director (and Founder) at Savage Game Group 
  • Lenny Clarke – Comedian/Actor
  • Mistress Carrie – Radio personality and host of the Mistress Carrie Podcast
  • James Shorten – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • John Stryker “Tilt” Meyer – MAC V SOG Veteran
  • Danielle Rocco – Devoted to a Soldier
  • Shaun Alden Schubert – Red Seal Marital Arts – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Mark Holmes – Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Yasmine Zachary – Catering – Yaz’s Table
  • Joyce Asack – Asack Real Estate – Sponsor of Oscar Mike Radio
  • Stacy and John Currie – Semper Savage
  • Anthony Arnold – Whoobazoo
  • Keith Hayes – Whoobazoo
  • Everyone who keeps the memory of those who served in the Vietnam War alive. They will never be forgotten.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Asack Real Estate
(508) 942-7146


Reapers Detailing
(508) 942-7146

Red Seal Martial Arts
(774) 259-9258


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