Episode 54 – Burnouts 4 Vets

Episode 54 – Burnouts 4 Vets

Albie’s Car that he will be driving this Saturday!

I got a message on Facebook from a listener about an event Saturday July 29th at 10 AM. He wanted to talk with me about the 4th annual Burnouts 4 Vets that raises money for the Brockton VFW Post 1046.

Tiny asked me to come down to the VFW and talk to them about Burnouts 4 Veterans.

This was started 4 years ago by Albie Robbins and his friend Victor Cimino as a way to legally have fun doing burnouts in parking lots while raising money for a good cause.

Entering into the fourth year, this rare treat is economical, family friendly, local and with free parking all in one place.

I talked with the Post Commander, Jim Doherty who outlined what the Brockton VFW did to support military and veterans in the greater Brockton area. Tiny told me that he felt like family being a part of the VFW and loved helping Veterans and people in Brockton. As for Albie and Victor, these guys could do their own TV show. It was a laugh a minute. I had a great time with these guys and they asked me to come back.

I enjoyed getting to talk to these guys and I hope to see you all there this Saturday.

The event will be held at the Brockton VFW – 283 N Quincy St, Brockton, MA 02302

Start time 10:00 AM – Until the last tire is melted rubber. Find out more at the  – Burnouts4Veterans Facebook Page

Two cars battling it out!

Burnouts 4 Veterans and Brockton VFW Post 1046 would like to thank the following sponsors for their support

  • Modern Auto Body – Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Tire – Brockton, MA
  • Lynch’s Towing – Brockton, MA
  • Spiegal Scrap Metal – Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Auto Parts – Brockton, MA
  • Dave Mobile Home MFG – Holbrook, MA
  • Spee Dee Oil Change – Abington, MA
  • FTF Cycles – Randolph, MA
  • Absolute Auto Sales – Brockton, MA



Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Question of the Week


Camo Pattern I wore in the Marine Corps. Yep, I am old;)

The question of the week came from one of my kid’s friends. “Did you like your Camo Uniform.” As a matter of fact, I did. We were tough on our cammies, and I never had a complaint. All I had to do was wash in cold water, spray my starch solution, then iron to make them look good. They weren’t worth anything for concealment in the desert, but in the woods I was almost invisible.

I know there are many different kinds of patterns available now as technology and fabric improve, but these still got the job done. I guess what I am saying is I have no complaints…… Is that a good thing?



The Word – Stolen Valor

Credit – https://tribwtic.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/stolen-valor.png

I am tired of seeing photos like this one on my left. This sorry excuse for a man dressed up as something he is not. This is an example of Stolen Valor. I wanted to give my view of this since I see no way to defend this. Good Americans have gotten maimed, wounded or killed in service to our country so I take this personally when I see people of all kinds doing this.

You have every right to want to make sure that someone in uniform is who they say they are. A great website to do this is Stolen Valor.com – Stolen Valor Website They clearly state that they are not law enforcement but can guide you through the process of searching for someone’s records.

Long story short, is if I think you are a fraud and confirm as much, I will call you out. A liar can’t hide on the internet anymore and I will be motivated to see you get what is coming to you. People earned the right and privilege to wear the uniform. Don’t feel bad questioning a story if it sounds too good to be true.

The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT could not complain about anything Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey said last week in Episode 43. While what happened to Huey was terrible, Justice for Huey has been able to take action and educate others about service animals. Mason and Heidi from Justice for Huey have taken something that they battle everyday and turned it into a rallying cry for those without hope. More to follow on this story.

Shout Out

My Shout Out goes to the New England Center for Home and Center for Veterans. They had the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the renovation of their building and it was something to see. The project was completed on time and under budget and they did not shut down for one day. No Veteran missed out on services while the construction as underway. I know that the New England Center and Home for Veterans will continue to provide the best services to all Veterans who come through the front door.

Episode 38 – Vomiting Professor from Drexel University

Episode 38 – Vomiting Professor from Drexel University

Question of the Week

I was asked about my sound. People have been asking about my sound and why I sound different. Simply put, I invested in some equipment this year. I got a ZoomH6. Check it out here – ZoomH6 Webpage. This unit has changed the way I record and has space for me to grow as a content producer.

The ZoomH6 is modular, meaning I can easily attach different microphones for the situation. I can fit in a backpack or briefcase which allows me to be where the story is, or in a recording studio.

I turned in bottles and cans, scrimped and saved to get a recertified ZoomH6 off Ebay. I am glad I did. I am still learning how to use it, and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.




The Word

I talked about the professor from Drexel who tweeted that he wanted to vomit when he saw someone give a soldier their first class airline seat. So much has been written and said about this already, but I was add this thought.

The next time you, as an active duty service member or veteran have someone thank you for their service, smile and say you are welcome. The reason I say this is there are still people that would spit or in this case vomit on you for wearing your uniform if they could.

Professor Ciccariello-Maher may not have physically done that to the soldier, but in a real sense he did it with his tweet. It is his right to do. I am going to ask that if you say you support the military that you think long and hard before going to Drexel University where he teaches. I am going to write a letter to Drexel expressing my thoughts in a meaningful way. I also want to thank the person who gave up their seat for that soldier. This attention should be on you.

Providence VA Hiring

A listener on the show who works at the VA in Providence asked me to pass along that his VA is hiring. Go to http://www.usajobs.gov and put in Veterans Administration and Providence VA look to see what is available. They are looking for veterans. Starting pay is 49k GS 7 with the potential to GS 10and GS11. Check this site out and if you have any questions contact me – travis@oscarmikeradio.com