Episode 101 – In Memory of Petty Officer Saman Gunan

Episode 101 – In Memory of Petty Officer Saman Gunan

In Memory of Petty Officer Saman Gunan

Today is my birthday so it is kind of cool that Episode 101 dropped when it did. This episode is about Thai Navy Seal Petty Officer Saman Gunan. I watched the story unfold about the rescue mission for the Wild Boars Soccer club.

Petty Officer Gunan, had been out of the Thai Navy Seals for six years. He was working in airport security when the call went out for the cave rescue and he loaded up and went to Chiang Rai to join his fellow Thai Navy Seals.

I don’t know what exactly happened that led to Petty Officer Gunan that caused his death. He was there working in dangerous conditions to save the lives of these children. Also, we wasn’t even active duty.

I was struck by how these Thai Navy Seals worked through the pain of losing a fellow brother to rescue all the kids and coach of the Wild Boars Soccer Team. One the challenges of doing this episode was that there was not a lot of information about Petty Officer Gunan or the Thai Navy Seals. Even Wikipedia was limited in the information about Thailand’s Navy.

All I know is that cave diving is dangerous at best, and it requires someone of superior skill and training to do safely. These rescuers were fighting against time and weather to get all these kids out. When a problem happens in cave diving there is no way to do an emergency surface. There simply is no margin for error or an equipment malfunction.

I hope Petty Officer Gunan’s memory lives on and inspires other across the world. Rest in Peace Brother, and Semper Fidelis.


Episode 74- Make your Bed

Episode 74- Make your Bed

The Question of the Week

I was asked, “How do I get on the show?” The simple answer is you need to email me – travis@oscarmikeradio.com. I will see what you are about and take it from there. If you are active duty, a veteran or someone who supports us, or have something military related to talk about then we can get the conversation going. Then if everything works out, I will schedule a time to come on the podcast.  It is just that easy.

The Word

A good friend of mine gave me this book to read. The title is “Make Your Bed”. It was written by U.S. Navy Admiral (Ret) William McRaven. Admiral McRaven served with the SEALs and has a long and distinguished career.

Make your Bed is short. It is 104 pages long, and didn’t take me long to read. I read it again and realized that the best part about the book is it is laid out in easy to digest concepts. Completing a task before you leave your room, your home or driveway can start a pattern where you can tackle larger things in life because you have done something small.

The chapters of the book had stories from Admiral McRaven’s days in SEAL training as well as challenges serving as a SEAL Team Commander. Each chapter was focused on simple ways to meet and conquer life’s difficulties.

I think this is a book you can give anyone at any point of their lives. I think is especially true for those leaving the military and transitioning into civilian life. Thanks to my friend Kola, who loaned this to me. I strongly recommend checking it out.

Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT were not happy about this story – Army Recruits go Home for Holidays . They were not happy. Even the Air Force doesn’t do that for their recruits.