180 – Shaun Schubert – Red Seal Martial Arts

180 – Shaun Schubert – Red Seal Martial Arts

Shaun Schubert is the founder and CEO Red Seal Martial Arts. He has been on Oscar Mike Radio before and has a way for Veterans to stay in the fight. Shaun has been involved with martial arts almost his entire life. I believe Veterans need to understand that there is a physical transition out of the military as well. Shaun addresses this in the interview.

We had been talking before this podcast and Shaun expressed a desire to work with me and Veterans amongst other things. I am pleased to announce that Shaun Schubert is Oscar Mike Radio’s third sponsor! You will start seeing Shaun and I doing a lot in 2020 and beyond. I am humbled for all the support and looking forward to the future.

Red Seal Martial Arts Information

Red Seal Martial Arts 155 Millennium Cir Lakeville, Massachusetts (774) 259-9258 Website: www.redsealma.com

Literally built with sweat and blood

As always, I am thankful to my other two sponsors Joyce Asack of Asack Real Estate (http://www.asackrealestate.com/) and Mark Holmes of Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing (https://www.facebook.com/reapersdetai…) for their support of America’s Military and Veterans. If you watch the video and like the new logo check out Vet Unite on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VetUnite/). Mike Damon is doing great things!

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173 – Dean Wegner, CEO of Authentically American

173 – Dean Wegner, CEO of Authentically American

Dean and I getting some Freedom going!

Sometimes the whole key to this is to be ready. Andrew Farrer, who was on Oscar Mike Radio 158, (https://oscarmikeradio.com/2019/08/02/158-nashville-silkies-hike-with-andrew-farrer/) introduced me to Dean. A few weeks later, Dean was in my part of the country and we worked to make time to talk. I am glad I did.

Dean Wegner played hockey for West Point then went on to be an Army Aviator. He was fortunate enough to be a candidate for Ranger School, and successfully completed his career in the Army as a Ranger.

Dean worked in several different industries, apparel being one of them. He has this idea that clothing could be made in America again. I could not believe it when he told me that 3% of all clothing worn in America is actually made in America.

As I talked with Dean, I couldn’t help but be drawn into this simple idea that jobs could be brought back to America. While I think it is an uphill battle, I wanted to be a part of this journey. When Dean showed me the Freedom T-Shirt and socks, I knew that I wanted only one answer to, “Where is Oscar Mike Radio’s apparel made?”

You can find out more by going to https://www.authenticallyamericanbrand.us/. I want to thank Andrew for introducing us. Dean, I am looking forward to seeing how Authentically American and Oscar Mike Radio grow together.

Authentically American on YouTube

Dean has his own podcast, you can check it out on YouTube, or on the website, https://www.authenticallyamericanbrand.us/pages/podcast

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Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack and Mark Holmes for supporting Veterans!

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If you have been watching the videos, you will notice that there have been changes to the logo. This is due to the work of Marine Veteran Mike Damon. Mike is the founder of Vet Unite – https://www.facebook.com/VetUnite/. He also owns and operates Last Call Designs. https://www.facebook.com/bvsigns/. I trusted Mike with Oscar Mike Radio, you can trust him too!