Episode 112 – Reality is not a Winner

Episode 112 – Reality is not a Winner

Episode 112 – Reality is not a Winner

Question of the Week

Have you heard about the Sailor who performs in drag on the USS Ronald Regan? Read the Navy Times Article about Joshua Kelley (Navy Times Article about Harpy Daniels). This administrative supervisor pushes paperwork by day and performs in drag at night.

Not sure what I think about this. Certainly things have changed since I was in the Marine Corps. I really didn’t know what to say. I am not sure what is going on. On one hand it seems kind of odd, but on the other hand he isn’t hurting anyone so more power to him.


The Word

I talked in Episode 48 (Reality Loser) about how Reality Winner(Her real name) gave classified information out to c to the online news outlet Intercept. She got sentenced to prison for 5 years and 3 years supervision.

Some people think that Reality was punished too harshly. I don’t think so. There was a time in this country that if someone gave up classified information they would look at death by firing squad.

I don’t feel sorry for her situation and you shouldn’t either. It is all fun and games until she gives away someone’s cover or a unit’s movements. The reality is, she is not a winner.





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Looking forward to the 22Kill Boston Casino Night. Click here for the Facebook Page Event – (22Kill Boston Casino Night Facebook Page). Yours truly will be there.


Episode 48 – Reality Loser

Episode 48 – Reality Loser

Question of the Week

What do you think about Trump calling out NATO? I get why this is being asked, but to answer this would take more space than I have here. I have looked at this and others have done a lot of research on this and in a way Trump is right. Our allies need to pull their weight by contributing more to NATO and their own defense

The Word

Not a winner, not a brave soul either…..

There was a time in this country that the term, “Loose lips, sink ships” meant something. If you violated this, then there were real punitive consequences for your actions.

Reality Winner (Yes, that is her name) decided that it would cool to give classified information to the online news outlet Intercept. It looks like the Federal Government is going to throw the book at her. I support this as I say in my podcast. She is not a hero, she is not a patriot like Rosie O’Donnell says. Read this great article from the Washington Post about this. She is a loser.

Excellent Washington Post Article about Reality Winner


The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT are back and happy. GRUNT wants to know why Bill Belichick isn’t nominated for an Oscar for his work on D-Day: Over Normandy. POG hate the New England Patriots so he isn’t happy that Bill Belichick did the narration for the documentary. No one is happy.

Unit Shout Out

US Special Forces are fighting ISIS Islamic Militants in the city of Marawi located in the Philippines. Again, if you want to understand why I believe we should fight them over there, and not over here, please read this article from military.com. Military.com – US Special Forces assist in Philippines




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Justice for Huey is having a rally on June  27th at Harnett County Courthouse in Lillington, NC.

“We will be meeting outside of the courthouse where the first hearing for Jarren Heng will be held and demonstrating that we want justice for Huey!


^^ Fill out this form if you’re going!”

If you are in the NC area you should try to go. Thank you