200 – Mistress Carrie – Cocktails in the War Room

200 – Mistress Carrie – Cocktails in the War Room

“Don’t lick anything Weird and Wash your Damn Hands!” that is what the shirt says, but it means so much more.

Mistress Carrie was on #62 and #100 for Oscar Mike Radio. Mistress Carrie had worked at 107.3 WAAF in Boston for almost 30 years when the station was sold in early 2020. Combine that with COVID-19 and she realized she needed to adjust to a new reality fast.

Mistress started doing cellphone livestreams over Facebook Live called “Cocktails in the War Room” in March of 2020. It caught on and before you know it people like me who had listened to Mistress Carrie on the radio were tuning in to get connected. There were jokes, serious talk, Wednesday the Goth Pug doing her thing, and Mail Call. Before I knew it, it was the place to be during a time when there was no place to go.

Then one day Mistress had this idea. What if she had T-Shirts made and the sales of those T-Shirts went to help a Veterans Cause? The images below were made into T-Shirts. Mistress thought that she would sell maybe 300…… She sold almost 1000! The money went to the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation Food 4 Vets Program. This program provides food for Veterans in need. It was a great moment that showed how good can come out of anything.

That wasn’t all Mistress Carrie was doing from March when Cocktails in the War Room started till now. She has been working on putting together a company and get her podcast off the ground. You can catch her podcast on https://mistresscarriepodcast.simplecast.com/.

We spent time talking about the transition from WAAF DJ and Radio Personality to having to re-invent herself in today’s world where nothing is stable right now. In many ways her journey is like many of us transitioning out of the military. You have to make a plan, coordinate resources and network with other people who can help you achieve your goal. It doesn’t happen by itself.

As of this writing, her 7th podcast will have dropped. Even now Mistress Carrie’s podcast has been heard in almost every country on the planet. The Mistress is truly in flight.

It was an honor to have Mistress Carrie on for #200. I learn something each time and take a minute to think about how far I have come. I can’t wait to see what is next for her and hope to see you during Cocktails in the War Room! Thank you again Mistress.

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129 Jody Part 7 – Divorce Stats

129 Jody Part 7 – Divorce Stats

Question of the Week

What did I did I do for New Years? I did nothing exciting which was great! I worked on the blanket I am making for a friend with cancer. This was also a year I was happy to do Dad’s Taxi. A service which beats Uber and LYFT. I finished podcast 128 for Mugzy Brady, and just hung out. It was a fantastic New Year’s Eve!

The Word – Jody Part 7

Part 7 is about military divorce statistics for 2017. The divorce rate was flat for 2016 and 2017 or the military. See article – https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/03/21/troop-divorce-rate-unchanged-marriage-rate-continues-fall.html 

“The military divorce rate is calculated by comparing the number of troops listed as married in the Pentagon’s personnel system at the beginning of the fiscal year with the number who report divorces over the year. The information is managed and compiled by the Defense Manpower Data Center.” (Military.com article by Amy Bushatz ). Interesting viewpoint on divorce among female servicemembers. It would appear that female Marines have a hard time. I believe there are a couple reasons for that, but I don’t blame the Marine Corps.

My SNCOs and Officers were right. E-4s and below should not get married during their first tour.

Jody and Jodie Podcast Links

I will add the episode links so you can get caught up. This is a year long series, so buckle up

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Mugzy Brady – My Journey

You can listen to “My Journey” by Mugzy Brady. He is a rapper and hip hop artist from Australia. I am dropping his track at the end of this podcast. Go to https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMugzy/ 

mugzy on stage
Mugzy Brady in Action

128 – Hip Hop Artist Mugzy Brady

128 – Hip Hop Artist Mugzy Brady

mugzy on stage
Mugzy Brady in Action

Back in November, I had this Facebook Message in my inbox that made me curious. Mugzy Brady introduced himself as a rapper from Australia. He wondered if I would promote his music on Oscar Mike Radio.

I told him that Oscar Mike Radio was a military and Veterans podcast, but if he could send me some of tracks I would give it a listen.

Rap and Hip Hop is not my first love in music. However, I like the older stuff, so I gave his music a listen. Mugzy has a good message. The message in his music is based on being positive and pursing what you want in life. Also, there is no profanity in the lyrics of the tracks he sent me. Listening to the tracks, I became more and more interested in talking with him. We went back and forth and finally figured out a time that would work for the both us. Mugzy is thirteen hours ahead of me, but we made it work.

The conversation started off with Mugzy telling me about getting into hip hop. He had a difficult childhood, and rap allowed him to create and find a voice to make change in his life.

The key to his success and progress with his career is a willingness to be flexible and never quit. There have been challenges, ups and downs pursing being a hip – hop artist, but he has never quit.

So while talking about rap and hip-hop aren’t really military, this podcast reminded me of talking to Fitzy Mess ( https://oscarmikeradio.com/2017/06/30/episode-50-fitzy-mess-born-bar/ ) about using hip hop to inspire people. Click on the link below to go to his Facebook Page and find out more.

Mugzy Brady Contact Info

Check out the Link for what is going on with Mugzy!
Can’t say it any better
Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Like I said in the podcast, this episode in a way is more exciting than 100. I feel like a did a couple of weeks ago when my vehicle turn the odometer over. It is waiting for the next mile or in the case episode to come that makes it better. So what does Whoobazoo have to do with Oscar Mike Radio? Everything – What you are hearing now, was just an idea over two years ago.  This episode is a small way I can say thanks and the best is yet to come.

I met Keith over two years ago at the first Dale Dorman Media Day at Massasoit Community College. He was doing a break out session on podcasting and at the time Oscar Mike Radio was an idea for a AM/FM Radio show, not a podcast. That meeting changed everything. Keith thought the idea had merit and gave me some homework.

Anthony Arnold

I worked on the idea and when I did the first couple of shows both Keith and Anthony pointed out areas for improvement and some good habits to implement for podcasting. This is the biggest difference with what Whoobazoo does versus other podcast services. Now when I listen to one of my first 30 episodes and listen to the last 30 I can hear their advice pay off.

Keith and Anthony were doing podcasts before podcasting was even a term. So what they shared with me was all their experience and passion for content creation that I wouldn’t get from watching a YouTube creator.

99 Episodes into Oscar Mike Radio, I look back to when this was an idea and look forward to what is next. I listen to how Keith works his show, The Booth, and how Whoobazoo has evolved.

There are more podcast artists coming on board everyday and I love hearing and seeing their creative efforts. Here is to the next 99. Thanks guys

You can find out more by going to http://www.whoobazoo.com


Sinista1, Ken Diesel, and R-Squared all co host, The Booth on Whoobazoo

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa

Episode 98 – Daisy the Strippa Dependa


The woman in the picture to the left is Daisy. I was all set to interview Sgt. Megan who was on Episode 80 – Sgt. Megan . However,  when I got the session going, I was surprised to hear Daisy’s voice. Daisy was profiled on Sgt. Megan’s Website . You can check out the video below. Well, to no one’s surprise the video got a lot of views and extreme reaction. I couldn’t believe it. This was an opportunity to see if I could talk to THE Strippa Dependa.

I had to adjust on the fly and get all Semper Gumby but I was pumped. It is not every day I get to talk with a person who got so many different reactions on a 4 minute video.

Long story short, love is a simple concept for Daisy. Men love her, and she loves their money. I could sit here for another 1000 words and get all in depth about it, but there it is. She has developed a way to assess men to see if they meet her requirements and then if everything works out she gets them focused on her. Once that happens, she works on their bank accounts until it is dry or until she has found another guy to keep her pre-occupied.

This was a different kind of podcast for me. I thought I knew it all when it came to Marines going to strip clubs, but in a way she took me to school and gave me a free education. She said there were others like her out there, so all I can say guys is you have all been warned. You might want to check out the women at Wednesday night prayer meeting and avoid strip clubs all together. Because just like Jody who is looking to hook up with your wife or girlfriend, Daisy is looking to see how think your wallet is.

Again, this was a lot of fun and thanks to Sgt. Megan and her crew for helping me pull this off. You can find out more by checking out Sgt. Megan’s links below. OMR is out.


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