Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

Episode 53 – Honor Flight Part 2

This episode is the happy conclusion to Episode 34 – Honor Flight for a Father. Marlene was able to get her father on a Honor Flight a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to talk with us about it.

I liked how Marlene was able to get the time to be with her Father and how she got a new view into his service and what he did.

Honor Flight really made this a top – notch experience for everyone. Marlene and her father felt like VIPs and experienced no issues on their flight or getting around in Washington D.C. Arlington Cemetery was sobering experience and she came away with a greater appreciation for her father’s service.

I enjoyed getting to talk with Marlene again. She worked hard to make this happen for her father. Marlene would highly recommend anyone who qualifies to do Honor Flight. Click on the link below to find out more.

Honor Flight Network Website


Honor Flight Crew


Episode 52: Wild Hearts – Horses for Heros

Episode 52: Wild Hearts – Horses for Heros

Tribute to Marines and Sailor killed in KC-130 Crash

I started this week’s episode with a tribute to the Marines and Sailor that were killed Monday, July 10th in Mississippi. This is still being investigated; however, I wanted to take this time and offer thoughts and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones in this horrific crash.

The Word

I found out about Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes earlier this year when I was guest hosting at WVBF AM 1530 for South Shore New and Views. Julie Crossman-Lovely started this Equestrian Therapy Program a couple of years ago and invited me to come out to see the program working.
I was taken with how the horse paid attention to everything the Veterans was doing. A shoulder dropping, or an arm moved the wrong way could mean the horse would not move as intended.
Julie was authoritative but calm. I could see both Veterans respond well when she was giving instruction.
Afterwards, we all sat together and talked and it was great hearing how much the horses helped these Veterans keep living again.
Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes is completely funded by donations. You can check out their website —-> Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes Website to find out more. You can purchase tickets for a $2000.00 travel voucher from Susan Peavey Travel. Travel Raffle Courtesy of Susan Peavy Travel.
I am looking forward to visiting again and talking other Veterans about their journey. Thanks Julie

This is a team effort


The Compliant Department

POG and GRUNT want the B1 unleashed in North Korea…. Now

What’s next?

I am still focusing on people who advocate for Veterans. I also like doing podcasts where Veterans are using what they have to open a business, non-profit, or just using what they have to make someone’s life better. Thanks for listening, I can’t wait for this time next year.


Episode 51: My Military Story Part 2 – MEPS

Episode 51: My Military Story Part 2 – MEPS

The Question of the Week

I keep getting asked about North Korea. What is happening and what should we do? Why haven’t we done anything. Can a missile hit us from North Korea? I think we should prepared to take action, but I want to have the assurance that everything has been tried to reign in North Korea before one American boot hits the ground. I think we should all be watching this closely.

The Word

I was processed out of the Shreveport, LA MEPS

This is Part Two of my Military Story. I simply talk about my military experience and some of the things that happened to me while I was in the Marine Corps. I did MEPS in Shreveport, LA. MEPS is where you are processed for joining the service. MEPS was strange and quick all at the same time. I forgot to say that MEPS is where I take the oath of service.

Everyone goes through MEPS, but no one really talks about their experience. MEPS takes a day and maybe it is so brief that most people forget that day.

I wanted to talk about it because it is an important part of being in the military.



The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT weren’t happy about GLOCK making a push to have their handgun re-considered for the M9 Beretta replacement. I can understand why Glock is pushing hard on this, but I think they are out of luck.

Unit Shout Out

Shout out this week goes out to the German Teacher who spotted a kindegartner’s show and tell as a bomb, and acted accordingly. German Child bring WWII Bomb to Class

The German police were able to properly dispose of the bomb and no one was hurt. Bombs that are 60+ years old can still pose a danger if they are intact and haven’t been damaged. Good job to all involved

Upcoming Event

Lilly and Jack

I have a friend who has been a long supporter of Veterans and Military. Janet has also been a great support for Oscar Mike Radio. Lilly and Jack wanted to raise money for St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee instead of going on vacation.

I am working with Janet on doing something to help out this cause. In the meantime, check out the page – Jack and Lilly’s Fundraiser Page for St Jude’s Hospital


Episode 50 – Fitzy Mess: Born in a Bar

Episode 50 – Fitzy Mess: Born in a Bar

WARNING!!! This episode contains language that Marines use when talking to each other. If you don’t like profanity and twisted humor then take your headphones off and walk away now. You have been warned. Otherwise, welcome to Episode 50 of Oscar Mike Radio.


So my producer, Sinista1, hits me up and says check out this video. It is a Marine Rapper! I was like hmmm ok. I am a metal head. I like some rap, but I am in no way into the hiphop culture or all that. I watched this video (Fitzy Mess – YouTube Video – Welcome to the Infantry)  and wanted to talk with him.

Fitzy was a grunt in the Marine Corps and served overseas. He is a lifelong fan of rap and hiphop and started rapping while he was serving. Welcome to the Infantry hit YouTube a month ago and has over 50K views. There were several parts of this video that spoke to me even though I was not in the Infantry.

I didn’t feel like I was doing an interview. I thought I was back in the barracks talking to a Marine who wasn’t like me but still cool enough to talk to me about it. Even  though we served in different times and had different jobs, it was two dudes talking having a good time.

When Fitzy talked about Veterans having something the enjoy doing and are passionate about, I got it. Sometimes we as Veterans can get discouraged and frustrated with civilian life. We got to find that one thing to keep us in the game.

Fitz also talked about PTSD and Veteran suicide. This is an issue that troubles us both. We are tired of going to funerals.

With membership declining in the VFW and American Legion, maybe we need to focus more on veterans who network and support each other like Fitzy Mess is doing. All I know is a hardcore metal head loved what is brother did. You will too. Look for his next release to hit this year on or around the Marine Corps Birthday. Semper Fi Brother.

You can find Fitzy Mess in the following places on-line

YouTube – Fitzy Mess YouTube Channel

Facebook – Fitzy Mess Facebook Page

Instagram – FitzyMess831


Episode 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

Episode 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

Hawk Class 1-96 – John is on the far left.

This episode is dedicated to John Francis Meath. I went to HAWK School with John, we served in the same HAWK Battery (Charlie). John passed away Monday, January 9th 2017. He was 52. Everyone who knew John in Ist LAAM BN loved the big Irishman from NY who loved the Yankees and his Jeep. I always found John to be a voice of reason when things were going haywire. He always told us to think of the Marine Corps as a game, and we would be just fine. John had the distinction of serving in all four branches of the military. You read that right. John served in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. That is what he wanted to do, and while it took him almost 20 years, he did it. I personally do not know anyone else who can make that claim. John was like that though, he lived life on his beat. We were all better for knowing him, and we all mourn his passing, but we all spent time celebrating his life. All I can say from all of is Semper Fidelis John, we will meet again at Heaven’s Gate.

EPISODE 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

I met LaShelle over 21 years ago. We both served in Ist LAAM (Light Anti Aircraft Missile) Battalion at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

LaShelle Smith – Marine, HAWKER, and now Business Owner

You never had to guess where you stood with LaShelle. We both got out the Marine Corps and went our separate ways, but like many of my brothers and sisters we kept in touch.

I started see that LaShelle was getting into cooking. I thought that was awesome. So many times people in the military re-invent themselves as they through life. I think that is because we have had to adapt to more times in our lives than others who have taken a traditional career or life path.

Like I said in Episode 25, I want to talk to active duty service-members and veterans who are starting or have started their own businesses. I think we call can learn from a person who decides to take the risk to build a brand or company that we all can learn.

LaShelle is looking to launch her business which will be a food truck called “Smitty’s Kitchen”.  As you will hear on the episode her love of food and family started at an early age and in some ways was honed in the Marine Corps. Whether it was eating different food and watching food from different countries being prepared, listening to LaShelle reminded me that good food is more than just watching a cooking show on the food network. Preparing, serving and enjoying good food with people is an essential part of the human experience. I think we all heard that in her voice as she spoke about what she wants to do with her life.

I can’t wait to see her launch her business. A big thanks to everyone who joined in on the Live Chat!

Check out some of Lashelle’s thing tasty dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from her kitchen.


Pork Stew

Gazpacho & Avocado

Check out Smitty’s Go Fund Me Page and YouTube Link. Spread the word, especially if you live in the Richmond, VA area.

Smitty’s YouTube GoFundMe

Smitty’s Kitchen Go Fund Me Page