Episode 113 – Jodie Part 6: Reverse Jody

Episode 113 – Jodie Part 6: Reverse Jody

Question of the Week

I got asked if I am watching the NFL this year. I said no. I don’t even have cable anymore. In a complete reverse, I do not have a fantasy football team either. I don’t miss it, and I am not sure if NFL football could ever get me back now. I am looking forward to hockey season since the Royals were rebuilding this year.

I do have a friend of mine who is a die hard Redskins fan. He asked me about it and said why don’t you watch the Thanksgiving game and see how you feel. He understands my positions and while he may not agree with it, he respects where I am coming from. I am thinking I will meet him half way. Hail to the Redskins, Hail to the Chief.

The Word

Jody Part 6: Reverse Jody

I wanted to do this part 6 and make the case for a different kind of Jody. What if Jody is a fellow servicemember who has an affair with your wife or husband? What would happen then? How is a situation like this treated in the military? I talked about two stories that demonstrated what can happen.

I talk about Ist Sgt Usher who was labled a “Horny Bastard”. Army Times Story about Horny Ist Sgt . While married he had an affair with a Private First Class under his command. He was outed when he was filmed on a cell phone camera making out in public with this PFC. Both were punished although it is unclear the severity of the censure. His career is effectively over.

Not to be outdone by the Army, the Marine Corps had a similar problem come to light. Corporal Remedios Cruz, one of the first female infantry Marines,  was kicked out for fraternization. Task and Purpose Article about Female Marine

Both servicemembers committed adultery with people who they served with during active service. What is it like for a spouse who is faithful to find something like this out? I can’t imagine, but these stories would suggest that Jody is everywhere.

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Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand with John Hoellwarth

Public Relations Officer for AMVETS

All AMVETS asked was to #PleaseStand

I am going to say it right now. I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I am not a Patriots or Eagles Fan, but I thought that the NFL realized what a mistake it was getting to this point so I was going to watch if for nothing else than to see what the NFL would do for the Star Spangled Banner. To see if the NFL Players and by extension our country could honor our flag and what it stood for without any disrespect or protest would be a good way to maybe start healing…..

Silly me….

January 23rd, The Washington Post reported that the NFL rejected a submission from AMVETS for their SuperBowl Program.

Washington Post Article – NFL Rejects AMVETS Super Bowl Ad

I couldn’t believe it. This story caught fire see the FoxNews Interview.

I couldn’t believe it. One name in the mix was John Hoellwarth. He is the National Director of Communications for AMVETS. He was the lead for the ad you see on the left.

I wanted to talk with him because he was close to this. Also when we started talking I thought it was cool that he served in the Marine Corps in Yuma, AZ right around the time I did.

Now you will hear about John’s experience in the Marine Corps and how this came together for the NFL ad. Once I really thought about what was done around AMVETS not getting to run their ad in the Super Bowl program, I decided that I would not be watching the SuperBowl. I have most likely watched my last NFL game. There are other options in sports that support our military and respect our flag.

I appreciated John talking with me and I am looking forward to him coming back on Oscar Mike Radio. He is a success story and I hope you enjoyed this podcast. As our time drew to a close I knew I wanted to make a statement.

I stand with AMVETS and our military. #PleaseStand




Episode 67 – Commander John Wells

Episode 67 – Commander John Wells

The issue with NFL players kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner took another turn for me personally when members of the New Orleans Saints decided to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner in London, but stand for God Save the Queen. I felt it was disrespect at its worst because now protest was being highlighted on a world wide stage. I won’t get into all my feelings about the protest at this time, but suffice to say it did not make me happy. So much so that I have not watched the NFL or worn Saints attire since that moment.

So it was with a bit of surprise that I read about U.S. Navy Commander Ret. John Wells, who turned down accepting the People’s Health Champion Award from the New Orleans Saints. I think for me the issue was magnified by the Saints’ reaction, who called Commander Wells’ reaction “divisive”.

As I started reading more about his Navy career, I realized that what he did in turning down the award is only a small part of who John Wells is. You can read his thoughts about why he chose to decline the award here The Hill Article – Why I chose to turn down the award

I say this because when I started looking at his organization – Military Veterans Advocacy (http://www.militaryveteransadvocacy.org/) that I realized that John has been bringing the fight to a whole different kind of battlefield you may not see in the movies or a video game.

John was a Surface Warfare before studying to become a lawyer. After he retired from the Navy, he moved to Louisiana, and started Military Veterans Advocacy. According to their website,

“Military-Veterans Advocacy strives to provide comprehensive advocacy to protect the rights of current and former members of the military. Instead of engaging on single issues, Military-Veterans Advocacy is committed to moving forward on several fronts to protect the rights of service members and veterans.
There are four core principles to Military-Veterans Advocacy, Inc.’s plan of attack: (1)Litigation, (2) Advocacy, (3) Training and (4) Education. This unique and successful broad brush approach maintains the “big picture” while serving the needs of the individual.”

John went over each principle during the podcast and we talked about the Sgt Bowe Bergdahl verdict. I asked John what he thought Veterans needed most and he said help with toxic exposure. I don’t want to give too much away here, but I learned a lot. There is a lot that has to happen to make the case in front of Congress so money and resources can be allocated for Veterans.

I created Oscar Mike Radio for times like these when I can learn from someone and show people what they are doing. John may be retired, but he is not done fighting. Thank you Sir.

To find out more about Commander Wells and Military Veterans Advocacy, check out these links


Episode 29 – Deployed, Missing the SuperBowl

Episode 29 – Deployed, Missing the SuperBowl

Question of the Week

What do you think about Donald Trump doing ____________________ and why aren’t you talking about it? Ok I understand people are all worked up about politics right now, but my answer is this. I am not going to make this a political platform. I will call out politicians when they do not act in the best interest of our active duty military and veterans. I will do it every time regardless with what letter is after their name. I am not going to use Oscar Mike Radio for political posturing.

The Word

I wanted to talk about the Super Bowl. Somewhere on February 5th there will someone on duty, on watch, on patrol, watching a radar scope, or prepping the next fire mission who is a die hard Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots fan. They won’t be catching the commercials or judging the half time show. They will miss the big game.

I am not a Falcons or Patriots fan. However, I can’t imagine what it is like for the Falcons’ fans who are on duty and unable to watch the game……. I just wanted to take this episode and show you all my respect.

No 60 inch 4K here. These are the lucky ones…..

The Complaint Department

These guys are still talking about the Sig Sauer P320. It seems all but done that the Sig Sauer will replace the Marine Corps M9 Beretta. Grunt really went into overdrive while POG was researching how to use de-cocking levers. This wont be the last we will hear about this.

Unit Shout Out

Coast Guard Cutter Returns After $90 Million Cocaine Seizure

The Coasties are getting it done. Coast Cutter Tahoma captured $90,000,000.00 with of cocaine during its month and a half patrol. Great Job to the crew of the Tohama. Find out more about the Tahoma at http://www.uscg.mil/lantarea/cgcTahoma/

Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma

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