312 – The Veterans Kitchen and World War II Veterans

312 – The Veterans Kitchen and World War II Veterans

The Veterans Kitchen hosted World War II Veterans on September 8th, 2022. This was done with help from the Veterans Brotherhood VM/C, The Fall River War Veterans Council, Andy Biggio, author of “The Rifle”, and City Councilors Linda Pereira, and Laura Washington. I learned a lot about the work The Veterans Kitchen does and the World War II Veterans they serve.

 Andy Biggio, who wrote “The Rifle” talked about the story of his book, and every World War II Veteran signed his special M1 Garand Afterwards I got to talk with two World War Two Army Veterans and their stories took me back to a different time in Fall River’s and America’s history.

Dawn and Andy from The Veterans Kitchen told me how they got started with only $60.00 and now serve many Veterans in the Fall River area.

David and Kelli Danforth closed out my time by talking about how husband and wife work together to advocate for Veterans. David is an Army National Guard Veteran and member of the Veterans Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this event and talked with me. There is still time to capture the memories of those who served in World War II. Fall River, MA is an example of non-profit groups and city leaders who can work together to ensure care is provided to Veterans.

George Amaral was drafted and served in the Army as a Combat Engineer.

Edmund, “Eddie” Nibbs volunteered and served in the Army in Infantry and as an Ordnance Clerk.

Dawn and Andrew started the Veterans Kitchen with $60.00 and have grown it to serve more Veterans every year. Andrew is an Air Force Veteran

David is an Army National Guard Veteran and member of Veterans Brotherhood V/MC. His wife Kelli and him both ride together and find purpose in advocating for Veterans.

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191 – Veterans Brotherhood V-M/C Cabin Fever Event

191 – Veterans Brotherhood V-M/C Cabin Fever Event

On February 29th the Veterans Brotherhood V-M/C had their annual Cabin Fever Event at the Bridgewater Portuguese Holy Ghost Society Club.

I enjoyed my time there watching all the bikers come together to support each other. Go to https://vbvmcma.com/ to find out more about the Veterans Brotherhood V-M/C. I want to say thank you to JK, The Reverend and Gunny for letting me come and support the event. I can’t wait to do it in 2021.

Can’t believe a month later events like this wouldn’t be allowed to take place.

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Episode 104 – The Wall that Heals

Episode 104 – The Wall that Heals

Episode 104 – The Wall that Heals

Dennis Donahue Riding

“Travis, get with Dennis Donahue, he escorted the Vietnam Wall that Heals to Weymouth.” Sometimes it goes just like that with my producer Keith Hayes aka Sinista1;) I knew the mobile Vietnam Veterans Wall was coming the Union Point, or what is locally known as South Weymouth Naval Air Station. I had already set Episode 103, so if I followed the schedule this podcast would have come out long after The Wall that Heals left Weymouth, MA. This was a problem because it could 10 or more years before this Wall came back. So Episode 103 and 104 dropped on the same day. The Wall that Heals is a mobile scaled down version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. and Dennis was part of a motorcycle escort from Canton, MA to Union Point in South Weymouth, MA.

Dennis served over two decades in the U.S. Army. He was deployed to Iraq and when he got out of the Army he had to adjust to civilian life. He missed the brotherhood and camaraderie of being in the Army and felt alone.

Around that time, Dennis got with the VA and 22Kill Boston to help him deal with his PTSD.  He got help and started feeling better, and he was around people who cared about him. One of the ways Dennis gives back now is riding with the Patriot Guard Riders. The Patriot Guard Riders is an organization that does escorts, honor guard and funeral ceremonies for Veterans. We talked about how families and people in the community appreciate seeing the Patriot Guard Riders.

We both want everyone to go to The Wall That Heals while it is here. It is open 24 hours a day right now until Sunday, July 29th. I can’t wait to ride with Dennis and it is amazing how something like a motorcycle can help someone help someone else. Thank you for your service.

The Wall That Heals

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica & Mobile Education Center

Visits Union Point (South Weymouth Naval Air Stations) – Weymouth, MA

Wednesday, July 25th – Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund