Episode 63 – Sgt Toasty and Boomer

Episode 63 – Sgt Toasty and Boomer

More than man’s best friend

Toasty and I were in my truck talking when we did this podcast. We are Marines, so being mobile is all part of our game. Whether it is fighting, podcasting, or having a good time, we can do it all anywhere 24x7x365.

I would like give a little background story before diving into this week’s episode.

Toasty and I are close and have known each other for over 20 years. I spent a lot of time worrying about him while he was overseas. He is one of the original members of the Rollin HOTT crew, and that is how he got his nickname.

Toasty had problems when he came back, and it was at a time when help for Veterans was not what is now. There were daily struggles, and it was hard watching my friend, my brother, and muse seem like someone else.

This all changed when the process began for him to get a support dog. Toasty’s wife, “The Queen” saw this program and decided that it couldn’t hurt to see what this was all about. America’s Vet Dogs (Info below) handles the training and onboarding of dogs for Veterans with PTSD.

I met Boomer a year ago, and was dumbstruck at the change in my friend. Toasty was engaging, and happy to go out and enjoy life again. No longer was he apprehensive around people because Boomer allowed Toasty to interact with others around him easily. It is like a gift that never stops giving. Much like the Justice for Huey crew that I talked with earlier this year, these dogs work wonders for our Veterans.

Toasty wants any Veteran or family member of a Veteran to know that if you need help it is out there with organizations like America’s Vet Dogs. He doesn’t want you to suffer in silence. I appreciated his willingness to come on Oscar Mike Radio. He talked candidly about his journey and how this changed his family. A big shout out and thanks to “The Queen” for taking care of Toasty and all of us. If you want to find out more information about America’s Vet Dogs see below. OMR sends…..

America’s VetDogs Website

America’s VetDogs

371 East Jericho Turnpike,
Smithtown, NY  11787-2976
(Toll-free in the U.S.) 1-800-548-4337

Who knows what adventures are next for these two? 😉

Episode 49 – USS Fitzgerald

Episode 49 – USS Fitzgerald

Question of the Week

I was asked about what one can do to start helping Veterans. There are plenty of places to start locally. Places that need your energy, ideas, and muscle to advocate for Veterans.


The Word

I spent this episode trying to get my head around how to ships in a rather LARGE body of water could collide. I wanted to take a moment and honor the brave sailors who did their job and saved more lives as a result. I want to follow up on this when all the facts are available. Until then, my thoughts and prayers go out to the entire crew of the USS Fitzgerald.





The Complaint Department

28 Million Dollars wasted on uniforms for Afghan National Army??? POG and GRUNT were not too happy.

Fox Business News – 28 Million Wasted on Uniforms

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, Justice for Huey and Sophie’s Hope will be having a rally at the Harnett County Courthouse located in Lillington, NC.

This is the first hearing for Jarren Heng who helped murder Huey. If you are in the Harnett County, come out and support Justice for Huey and Sophie’s Hope.

Episode 48 – Reality Loser

Episode 48 – Reality Loser

Question of the Week

What do you think about Trump calling out NATO? I get why this is being asked, but to answer this would take more space than I have here. I have looked at this and others have done a lot of research on this and in a way Trump is right. Our allies need to pull their weight by contributing more to NATO and their own defense

The Word

Not a winner, not a brave soul either…..

There was a time in this country that the term, “Loose lips, sink ships” meant something. If you violated this, then there were real punitive consequences for your actions.

Reality Winner (Yes, that is her name) decided that it would cool to give classified information to the online news outlet Intercept. It looks like the Federal Government is going to throw the book at her. I support this as I say in my podcast. She is not a hero, she is not a patriot like Rosie O’Donnell says. Read this great article from the Washington Post about this. She is a loser.

Excellent Washington Post Article about Reality Winner


The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT are back and happy. GRUNT wants to know why Bill Belichick isn’t nominated for an Oscar for his work on D-Day: Over Normandy. POG hate the New England Patriots so he isn’t happy that Bill Belichick did the narration for the documentary. No one is happy.

Unit Shout Out

US Special Forces are fighting ISIS Islamic Militants in the city of Marawi located in the Philippines. Again, if you want to understand why I believe we should fight them over there, and not over here, please read this article from military.com. Military.com – US Special Forces assist in Philippines




Upcoming Events

Justice for Huey is having a rally on June  27th at Harnett County Courthouse in Lillington, NC.

“We will be meeting outside of the courthouse where the first hearing for Jarren Heng will be held and demonstrating that we want justice for Huey!


^^ Fill out this form if you’re going!”

If you are in the NC area you should try to go. Thank you

Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Episode 44 – My First Rant about Stolen Valor

Question of the Week


Camo Pattern I wore in the Marine Corps. Yep, I am old;)

The question of the week came from one of my kid’s friends. “Did you like your Camo Uniform.” As a matter of fact, I did. We were tough on our cammies, and I never had a complaint. All I had to do was wash in cold water, spray my starch solution, then iron to make them look good. They weren’t worth anything for concealment in the desert, but in the woods I was almost invisible.

I know there are many different kinds of patterns available now as technology and fabric improve, but these still got the job done. I guess what I am saying is I have no complaints…… Is that a good thing?



The Word – Stolen Valor

Credit – https://tribwtic.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/stolen-valor.png

I am tired of seeing photos like this one on my left. This sorry excuse for a man dressed up as something he is not. This is an example of Stolen Valor. I wanted to give my view of this since I see no way to defend this. Good Americans have gotten maimed, wounded or killed in service to our country so I take this personally when I see people of all kinds doing this.

You have every right to want to make sure that someone in uniform is who they say they are. A great website to do this is Stolen Valor.com – Stolen Valor Website They clearly state that they are not law enforcement but can guide you through the process of searching for someone’s records.

Long story short, is if I think you are a fraud and confirm as much, I will call you out. A liar can’t hide on the internet anymore and I will be motivated to see you get what is coming to you. People earned the right and privilege to wear the uniform. Don’t feel bad questioning a story if it sounds too good to be true.

The Complaint Department

POG and GRUNT could not complain about anything Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey said last week in Episode 43. While what happened to Huey was terrible, Justice for Huey has been able to take action and educate others about service animals. Mason and Heidi from Justice for Huey have taken something that they battle everyday and turned it into a rallying cry for those without hope. More to follow on this story.

Shout Out

My Shout Out goes to the New England Center for Home and Center for Veterans. They had the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the renovation of their building and it was something to see. The project was completed on time and under budget and they did not shut down for one day. No Veteran missed out on services while the construction as underway. I know that the New England Center and Home for Veterans will continue to provide the best services to all Veterans who come through the front door.

Episode 43 Justice for Huey Part 2 – Interview with Mason Crosslin

Episode 43 Justice for Huey Part 2 – Interview with Mason Crosslin

Mason and Griffin

This week’s episode is an interview with Mason Crosslin from Justice for Huey. Justice for Huey was created to respond the shooting death of Huey, a two year old pitbull. Huey was killed by Mariana Rollins, an Army Veteran with PTSD and other illnesses, who committed suicide last week.

We didn’t talk much about the shooting or Mariana’s death. We talked about his battle with PTSD and how he used what happened to him to advocate for Huey. Mason told me about how he is loving life because of his dog Griffin. She was there with him while I was talking with him. We talked about Heidi, the other half of Justice for Huey and what she was doing.

The point I want to make is Mason took something that was bad for him and has turned it into something good for himself and his fellow veterans. Listen to what he is says. We are hearing a man who wants to bring hope to people who do not have it.

I asked him how we can help. You can help by liking the Facebook Page, Justice for Huey, and following what is going on. Heidi and Mason are keeping it up to date and will respond as soon as they are able to questions. You can also help by ordering T-Shirts and decals from the Facebook Page. The proceeds will to go to Susie’s Hope. Susie’s Hope advocates for unwanted animals. Mason told me they will have order page up early next week. You also have to check out Shelter to Soldier. Shelter to Soldier helped Mason get Griffin, and I hope to have them on Oscar Mike Radio soon. Links to everything will be below.

I have committed to following this and raising awareness about PTSD and how animals can help. Think about what Mason is saying and see if you can get involved. OMR is behind Justice for Huey all the way.

I also want to give shout to Whoobazoo for helping me make this episode work. If you are into podcasting or creating content, you need to check them out.

Website Links

Justice for Huey Facebook Page

Shelter to Soldier Website

Susie’s Hope – NonProfit Website


Whoobazoo – Radio for the Masses, Community for You