Episode 50 – Fitzy Mess: Born in a Bar

Episode 50 – Fitzy Mess: Born in a Bar

WARNING!!! This episode contains language that Marines use when talking to each other. If you don’t like profanity and twisted humor then take your headphones off and walk away now. You have been warned. Otherwise, welcome to Episode 50 of Oscar Mike Radio.


So my producer, Sinista1, hits me up and says check out this video. It is a Marine Rapper! I was like hmmm ok. I am a metal head. I like some rap, but I am in no way into the hiphop culture or all that. I watched this video (Fitzy Mess – YouTube Video – Welcome to the Infantry)  and wanted to talk with him.

Fitzy was a grunt in the Marine Corps and served overseas. He is a lifelong fan of rap and hiphop and started rapping while he was serving. Welcome to the Infantry hit YouTube a month ago and has over 50K views. There were several parts of this video that spoke to me even though I was not in the Infantry.

I didn’t feel like I was doing an interview. I thought I was back in the barracks talking to a Marine who wasn’t like me but still cool enough to talk to me about it. Even  though we served in different times and had different jobs, it was two dudes talking having a good time.

When Fitzy talked about Veterans having something the enjoy doing and are passionate about, I got it. Sometimes we as Veterans can get discouraged and frustrated with civilian life. We got to find that one thing to keep us in the game.

Fitz also talked about PTSD and Veteran suicide. This is an issue that troubles us both. We are tired of going to funerals.

With membership declining in the VFW and American Legion, maybe we need to focus more on veterans who network and support each other like Fitzy Mess is doing. All I know is a hardcore metal head loved what is brother did. You will too. Look for his next release to hit this year on or around the Marine Corps Birthday. Semper Fi Brother.

You can find Fitzy Mess in the following places on-line

YouTube – Fitzy Mess YouTube Channel

Facebook – Fitzy Mess Facebook Page

Instagram – FitzyMess831


OMR Episode 24 – The Complaint Department

OMR Episode 24 – The Complaint Department

I can’t believe this is the last episode of 2016. I really enjoy doing Oscar Mike Radio and on many levels I have gotten more out of this than I thought possible a year ago.

The Question of the Week

I was asked what does 2017 have in store for Oscar Mike Radio? 2017 will continue as 2016 ended. This means I am getting better and producing content, but more important I continue to work to give voice to those in need and those who are trying to help. I want focus on veterans who have started or are in business for themselves.

I think there is a lot to learn and I want to support these men and women who are trying to build something.

I also want to say that if these is someone you know who supports veterans or active duty and needs a voice to reach out to me. I would like to talk them and tell their story.

The Word

The Complaint Department is real. I wanted to do something with my podcast that would break away from The Word which is sometimes serious. Especially when I am trying to get make numbers and statistics seem relevant.

These two knuckleheads have been there from the beginning. Thanks guys

These two knuckleheads have been there from the beginning. Thanks guys

POG (Person other than Grunt) and GRUNT were there from the beginning and believed in what I could do before anyone else did. They were always complaining about something so it seemed to work for what I was trying to do. Us military types are only happy when we have something to gripe about. I appreciate their support and how they keep me smiling when I am on the grind.

They come up with something to complain about, and text me what is on their mind. I use it for the show, and sometimes they come up with some doozies.

These two have some ideas they are cooking up for Oscar Mike Radio. I like talking to them because they have no problem telling me when I could do better, and are the first ones to tell me when everything went right.

POG was on assignment this week, so Grunt talked about some of his experiences.

This was fun to do, and I am looking forward to having them back.

I will do a Unit Shout Out and Upcoming Events next week. Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!