Episode 56: The Taco Shelle

Episode 56: The Taco Shelle

Lashelle and Alisha

This episode isn’t a story about a fellow Marine Sister who I served with in Yuma, Az. This isn’t a story about Marine who decided she would take something she loved doing and try to make it work for her. This isn’t a podcast episode about what “Semper Gumby” means. It isn’t even part two to – Episode 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen.

The Taco Shelle is a story about love….. Love for food, love for bringing something to people that they enjoy, and love between two people that you just don’t see often in this day and age. So happy and honored to have LaShelle and Alisha on to talk about The Taco Shelle.

As you will remember in Episode 27, LaShelle was going to open a food truck in Richmond, VA. That all changed when she met Alisha out in Yuma, AZ. Six months later, The Taco Shelle has launched, and while we are talking about tacos vs comfort food, the same passion for bringing people together around food is the cornerstone of everything this wife and wife team are doing.

I say team because as I started talking with Alisha and LaShelle it was obvious that they are committed to each other’s dreams and goals. There is an infectious can-do attitude that makes me want to head to Yuma to see how all this works. There is a commitment from Lashelle and Alisha to be a part of Yuma, and grow along with the community.

There are times in my life where I think the phrase, “The Power of Love” is nothing more than wishful thinking. Alisha and LaShelle showed a glimpse of what happens when two people who are in love are believe in each other. That is why I can say I have no doubt The Taco Shelle will be successful.

Semper Fidelis Sisters

Speaking of successful, do yourself a favor and check out The Taco Shelle’s Facebook Page and Go Fund Me Page.

Facebook Page – The Taco Shelle Facebook Page

Go Fund Me – Check out The Taco Shelle’s GFM Page


You can’t get this at Chipotle. These tacos are handmade with care and love for customers.




P.S. I can’t for that batch of oatmeal raisin cookies!

Episode 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

Episode 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

Hawk Class 1-96 – John is on the far left.

This episode is dedicated to John Francis Meath. I went to HAWK School with John, we served in the same HAWK Battery (Charlie). John passed away Monday, January 9th 2017. He was 52. Everyone who knew John in Ist LAAM BN loved the big Irishman from NY who loved the Yankees and his Jeep. I always found John to be a voice of reason when things were going haywire. He always told us to think of the Marine Corps as a game, and we would be just fine. John had the distinction of serving in all four branches of the military. You read that right. John served in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. That is what he wanted to do, and while it took him almost 20 years, he did it. I personally do not know anyone else who can make that claim. John was like that though, he lived life on his beat. We were all better for knowing him, and we all mourn his passing, but we all spent time celebrating his life. All I can say from all of is Semper Fidelis John, we will meet again at Heaven’s Gate.

EPISODE 27 – Smitty’s Kitchen

I met LaShelle over 21 years ago. We both served in Ist LAAM (Light Anti Aircraft Missile) Battalion at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

LaShelle Smith – Marine, HAWKER, and now Business Owner

You never had to guess where you stood with LaShelle. We both got out the Marine Corps and went our separate ways, but like many of my brothers and sisters we kept in touch.

I started see that LaShelle was getting into cooking. I thought that was awesome. So many times people in the military re-invent themselves as they through life. I think that is because we have had to adapt to more times in our lives than others who have taken a traditional career or life path.

Like I said in Episode 25, I want to talk to active duty service-members and veterans who are starting or have started their own businesses. I think we call can learn from a person who decides to take the risk to build a brand or company that we all can learn.

LaShelle is looking to launch her business which will be a food truck called “Smitty’s Kitchen”.  As you will hear on the episode her love of food and family started at an early age and in some ways was honed in the Marine Corps. Whether it was eating different food and watching food from different countries being prepared, listening to LaShelle reminded me that good food is more than just watching a cooking show on the food network. Preparing, serving and enjoying good food with people is an essential part of the human experience. I think we all heard that in her voice as she spoke about what she wants to do with her life.

I can’t wait to see her launch her business. A big thanks to everyone who joined in on the Live Chat!

Check out some of Lashelle’s thing tasty dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from her kitchen.


Pork Stew

Gazpacho & Avocado

Check out Smitty’s Go Fund Me Page and YouTube Link. Spread the word, especially if you live in the Richmond, VA area.

Smitty’s YouTube GoFundMe

Smitty’s Kitchen Go Fund Me Page