OMR Episode 1: PT Belts

July 22, 2016

Thanks to everyone who has supported this and listened to the podcast..

Below are some things from the Podcast that I want to you all to have.

Weekly Rant – PT Belts 

Task and Purpose summarizes the issue here

PT Belt – Icon of the Global War on Terror

Current Events in the Greater Boston Area

Vet Net Boston – Mass VetsAdvisor – Upcoming Events

Run to Home Base – Fundraising event for the Home Base Program at Fenway Park, Saturday, July 23

· Mass Vets Music Fest at Battle Ship Cove – Fall River, Sunday, July 24 – free entry to this premiere maritime park for Vets, Troops, First Responders and their families. Free food and live bands throughout the day playing from the fan tail of the USS Constitution!

· Veterans & Military Free Night at the Brockton Rox – Thursday, July 28, 6-9pm; enjoy camaraderie and free meals for Vets, troops and family

* Disability Claim Assistance – our newly appointed Dept of MA VFW Service Officer is now available at two accessible locations:

• Brockton VA Campus every Tuesday, 9am-3pm, VFW office, Bldg 3, 5th Floor, Room A-504

• Jamaica Plain VA Campus – every Thursday, 9am-3pm, 3rd Floor, C Wing, Room 34 • POC: Delray Dorsey,; 781-812-8125

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