OMR Episode 21 – 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

December 9, 2016

Question of the Week

Are you excited about “Mad Dog” Mattis being selected to be Secretary of Defense. I can only say YES in so many ways….. Finally someone who knows how to fight and win battles. I love it.

Words to live by in my book

Words to live by in my book

The Word – 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

I wanted to talk about how my grandfathers’ felt about Pearl Harbor when the United States was attacked. Both men served in the Navy, and while they were not in combat (At least that is what they said, I still remember a lot of what they talked about. I may have rambled at bit, but they have been gone a while. I don’t think we should ever forget what happened and how we changed as a nation because of that day.

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

The Complaint Department

My Grunt isn’t too sure about the new Marine Corps Poncho Liner. I love mine, but withhold judgement.

Unit Shout Out

This is to a person and not a unit this week. Technical Sergeant Timothy Montjoy retired from the Air Force and will now dedicate time to his non profit Operation Teammate. I want to congratulate Tim on his successful transition to civilian life. Tim will be coming on Oscar Mike Radio in February 2017.

Tim Montjoy USAF - Retired - Founder of Operation Teammate

Tim Montjoy USAF – Retired – Founder of Operation Teammate


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