Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

June 29, 2018

Episode 99 – Whoobazoo

Like I said in the podcast, this episode in a way is more exciting than 100. I feel like a did a couple of weeks ago when my vehicle turn the odometer over. It is waiting for the next mile or in the case episode to come that makes it better. So what does Whoobazoo have to do with Oscar Mike Radio? Everything – What you are hearing now, was just an idea over two years ago.  This episode is a small way I can say thanks and the best is yet to come.

I met Keith over two years ago at the first Dale Dorman Media Day at Massasoit Community College. He was doing a break out session on podcasting and at the time Oscar Mike Radio was an idea for a AM/FM Radio show, not a podcast. That meeting changed everything. Keith thought the idea had merit and gave me some homework.

Anthony Arnold

I worked on the idea and when I did the first couple of shows both Keith and Anthony pointed out areas for improvement and some good habits to implement for podcasting. This is the biggest difference with what Whoobazoo does versus other podcast services. Now when I listen to one of my first 30 episodes and listen to the last 30 I can hear their advice pay off.

Keith and Anthony were doing podcasts before podcasting was even a term. So what they shared with me was all their experience and passion for content creation that I wouldn’t get from watching a YouTube creator.

99 Episodes into Oscar Mike Radio, I look back to when this was an idea and look forward to what is next. I listen to how Keith works his show, The Booth, and how Whoobazoo has evolved.

There are more podcast artists coming on board everyday and I love hearing and seeing their creative efforts. Here is to the next 99. Thanks guys

You can find out more by going to http://www.whoobazoo.com


Sinista1, Ken Diesel, and R-Squared all co host, The Booth on Whoobazoo

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