Episode 78 – #PleaseStand

February 2, 2018

Episode 78 – #PleaseStand with John Hoellwarth

Public Relations Officer for AMVETS

All AMVETS asked was to #PleaseStand

I am going to say it right now. I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I am not a Patriots or Eagles Fan, but I thought that the NFL realized what a mistake it was getting to this point so I was going to watch if for nothing else than to see what the NFL would do for the Star Spangled Banner. To see if the NFL Players and by extension our country could honor our flag and what it stood for without any disrespect or protest would be a good way to maybe start healing…..

Silly me….

January 23rd, The Washington Post reported that the NFL rejected a submission from AMVETS for their SuperBowl Program.

Washington Post Article – NFL Rejects AMVETS Super Bowl Ad

I couldn’t believe it. This story caught fire see the FoxNews Interview.

I couldn’t believe it. One name in the mix was John Hoellwarth. He is the National Director of Communications for AMVETS. He was the lead for the ad you see on the left.

I wanted to talk with him because he was close to this. Also when we started talking I thought it was cool that he served in the Marine Corps in Yuma, AZ right around the time I did.

Now you will hear about John’s experience in the Marine Corps and how this came together for the NFL ad. Once I really thought about what was done around AMVETS not getting to run their ad in the Super Bowl program, I decided that I would not be watching the SuperBowl. I have most likely watched my last NFL game. There are other options in sports that support our military and respect our flag.

I appreciated John talking with me and I am looking forward to him coming back on Oscar Mike Radio. He is a success story and I hope you enjoyed this podcast. As our time drew to a close I knew I wanted to make a statement.

I stand with AMVETS and our military. #PleaseStand




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