Episode 57 – Leaving on a Jet Plane for San Diego

August 19, 2017

Plane ….. I left Shreveport to San Diego by plane. My first plane ride ever. So this is part four, where I start leaving my life behind to become a Marine.

As I am doing these, it is kind of funny how certain things come back to me as I am talking. I am trying to tell these as a story with no real script. Not that it was a big deal, but I remembered all the sudden that I stayed in hotel before leaving from Shreveport. Other things come to mind and all the sudden I am changing course during the podcast.

It seems like yesterday and so long ago at the same time……

So we get to Dallas and wait, and wait and wait…… All of us standing around with our yellow folders trying to look tough while shaking in our shoes.

I thought for sure we would get there at like 7 PM Pacific time so we could get bunked down for the night.

We didn’t land in San Diego until 9 PM and waited at the USO until the buses showed up. Little did I know the games that were going to start. The games started with us getting on the buses and putting our left hand on left knee, right hand on right knee and put our foreheads on the seat in front of us so we couldn’t see.

It was strange seeing that we were literally by the airport, and we could see houses from where we were on the depot. We were away from society, but we were close at the same time. It would really mess with my mind while I was at MCRD San Diego.

Now we can get to the fun stuff, like do I find out if Full Metal Jacket is real? Or what was life really like for the next 12 weeks?

I know I can ramble sometimes, but again I am trying to do this like I am sitting there just remembering the past. More next time, OMR sends

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