Episode 52: Wild Hearts – Horses for Heros

July 14, 2017

Tribute to Marines and Sailor killed in KC-130 Crash

I started this week’s episode with a tribute to the Marines and Sailor that were killed Monday, July 10th in Mississippi. This is still being investigated; however, I wanted to take this time and offer thoughts and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones in this horrific crash.

The Word

I found out about Wild Hearts Horses for Heroes earlier this year when I was guest hosting at WVBF AM 1530 for South Shore New and Views. Julie Crossman-Lovely started this Equestrian Therapy Program a couple of years ago and invited me to come out to see the program working.
I was taken with how the horse paid attention to everything the Veterans was doing. A shoulder dropping, or an arm moved the wrong way could mean the horse would not move as intended.
Julie was authoritative but calm. I could see both Veterans respond well when she was giving instruction.
Afterwards, we all sat together and talked and it was great hearing how much the horses helped these Veterans keep living again.
Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes is completely funded by donations. You can check out their website —-> Wild Hearts – Horses for Heroes Website to find out more. You can purchase tickets for a $2000.00 travel voucher from Susan Peavey Travel. Travel Raffle Courtesy of Susan Peavy Travel.
I am looking forward to visiting again and talking other Veterans about their journey. Thanks Julie

This is a team effort


The Compliant Department

POG and GRUNT want the B1 unleashed in North Korea…. Now

What’s next?

I am still focusing on people who advocate for Veterans. I also like doing podcasts where Veterans are using what they have to open a business, non-profit, or just using what they have to make someone’s life better. Thanks for listening, I can’t wait for this time next year.


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